[Archive] 2,000 points of Fury!

Aargar the Merciless:

Hi, all! I’ve been lurking around for the last week or so and finally decided to post. I used to play the big hats about 5 or 6 years ago but sold my army when moving. I’m a huge sucker for map campaigns of any kind and Mighty Empires has forced me to throw my hat back in the ring! Here’s the list I’m looking at assembling. While I’d like to be competitive, I’m really looking forward to having an army list that highlights what is unique about the Dawi Zhar (as well as tailored to show off some great conversions!). Well, I’ll stop rambling and show you all the list!


Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord

Level 4 Upgrade

Black Gem of Gnar

260 points.

Chaos Dwarf Hero (General)

Armor of Gazrak

Great Weapon

94 points.

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer

Level 2 Upgrade

Dispel Scroll x 2

150 points.


Chaos Dwarf Warriors (15)


180 points.

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (15)


180 points.

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (19)

Full Command

Great Weapons

War Banner

264 points.

Chaos Dwarf Warriors (20)

Full Command

Great Weapons

250 points.

Hobgoblins (25)

50 points.

Hobgoblins (25)

50 points.

Hobgoblins (10)


Light Armor, Shields


160 points.


Death Rocket

80 points.

Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers (2)

60 points.


Earthshaker Cannon

110 points.

Earthshaker Cannon

110 points.

TOTAL: 1998

Thanks for any comments!


The problem with fielding the Blunders in units of 15 is that after a couple of kills on the unit they’ll be shooting at Strength 4.

Hobgoblin units of 25 seems a bit on the large side to me. Are you planning on having them as line infantry or screens? (i’m assuming line considering how big they are).


2 earthshakers in 2k seems a little rude, you might as well run 8 bolt throwers. There is a fine line to walk where your opponent has to come get you and cant outshoot you, but the game isn’t ruined for your opponent.

With how much I HATE treemen I wont make an army without the black hammer!

Uzkul Werit:

Two Earthshakers is a valid choice considering how naff Bull Centaurs are unless you want to spend tons of points on them. The list seems solid but you’ll have to be careful about where you place your heros.


I don’t agree.

Bullcentaurs are a bargain for 21 points (with heavy armor). They are, of course, soft and easy to shot down, but they pack a lot of punch (2 attacks from each with Ws4 and S6!), are moderately quick (M8) - and a 6-model unit with standard bearer and war banner costs only 166 points. It can break most units charging from the front.

But still, of course, a second earthshaker is better.