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How many Bolt throwers do u use and why? also include the alternative artillery in ur answer.


Depends on points and if you like cheese.

In 2k, i take 2 and fill the rest with Deathrockets, i find that it adds to the fun of a game when the thing misfires or scatters into your troups… If you like a cheesy army max bolt thrower choices is a great start. :wink:



2 in 1k

and 4 1.5k and up

I add a death rocket for my 2250 army (use to use it at 2k but thinking of dropping it for 2 more dispell scrolls and talisman of protection)


For artillery, in 2k I run with a pair of BTs, a Death Rocket, and an Earthshaker. The principle is twos- basically, by having two stone throwers and two bolt throwers, I can ensure that I can deal with a threat. The BTs are likely to get at least one hit on a nasty unit of knights, while the two stone throwers can fire separately to suppress infantry or combine to wipe out a unit.

Effective without having to cheese out my army or full up all my Special slots.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I tend to run two at 2k, but wouldn’t like to use more than 3 and would recommned never go above 4 at this level. At 1k, I tend to run with only one, but sometimes use two. Other artillery would be an Earthshaker (if I’m trying to make up the points for a 2k battle, I have two, but this is also not recommended) and currently use no death rockets, but may run one soon.

It depends upon your play style, but 5+ BTs will scream cheese and 8 will lose friends.


i second HB…

i use max 2 at 2k, max 4 at 3k+… this way they regain their points and help

keeping my opponents frustration level at a minimum, and, come to think of it, mine too, since hitting at 5+ is quite difficult when you really want/need to hit something…

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s only 4+ under half range :wink: My bolt throwers always reclaim at least 100 points each, usually with only two successful shots each.


at 1k I us two but seam to never hit but at 1.5k I also add a death rokkit and i’ve never played any larger than 1.5k


All depends as has been said.

I tend to take 3-4 at 2250, and I get unusually crazy lucky with them. They usually always score their points back, and in the last game I played I even managed to kill 2 dragons with them!


Not really playing Chaos Dwarfs, but I would go w. 4 in a normal 2K game, in that way you should average atleast one hit per turn.