[Archive] 2.5k list for upcoming tournament [Tournament results]


Hi Folks,

this is my list for a upcoming tournament. Although I cannot change it anymore I would like to hear your opininions and what you think how to play it :).

Common restrictions are to 3 templates, 450 pts max unit size and a shooting limit of 80 pts which is reached by this list to 79.5 ;).

CD restrictions is a pool of 3 which includes all S5 templates, iron demon, Kdaii (counts 2); only 1 Hellcannon allowed, no Chalice. <br><br>Lvl 4 metal, general, blood of hashut, ench. shield, preservation, earthing rod <br>Lvl 2 death, charmed shield, scroll <br>BSB, GW, Armor of B. the Cruel (yeah!), Dawnstone <br>3 Hobgoblin Khans on wolf (each has a 5 pts magic artefact)<br><br>23 blunderbuss, muso <br>25 GW, m, s, flame banner<br><br>2 Deathshrieker <br>1 Hell cannon <br>1 Kdaii Destroyer



use khans for chaff clearance and keeping the kdaii straight. Focus all shots on the target you are sending the destroyer into first. Please post tournament results too : ).


Thank you, Ill let you know how it went. Its on 18/19th april.

Today evening I tested against a very hard wood elf list. 26 riding archers, 20 scouts, all with poison, about 25 wild riders, 2 eagles, bsb, a glade lord and a lvl 4 life mage.
No chance although I hit the main unit hard in the first turn and killed 8 wild riders. Against the poison only my two infantry blocks remained with the bsb and the general. daemonsmith killed itself with total power.
I killed him only one unit glade riders (doom and darkness and a deathshrieker hit) and an eagle, two heavily decimated units he regrew with the life spell, no points there. So it was a 780 pts loss.
But I learned a lot for my deploying against such mobile armies.


Can you change magic lore still? Perhaps drop lore of metal for a better all around lore such as death, make your daemonsmith a level 1 of fire and give him the ruby ring? Then you can fight the chaff war with fireballs, and force your opponent t to decide on if he will let a fireball through or a more threatening lore of death spell.


If I change the list I loose some bonus points (think 3, not very much, better than losing everything :-)).

The ruby ring would not be bad.

I would have to drop the charmed shield on the daemonsmith for that. Not so big that problem, most times he will not be the main target and against bs fire he hides in a unit anyway.

I could change the castellan to the mask of the furnace and shield (instead of the armour of bazherak and dawnstone), only 1 khan with a magic equipment instead of 3, that would save the points for the ring without sacrificing a magic level. What do you think?

the magic lores were the biggest question in that list. I found lore of metal very strong and versatile. the armor spell helps a lot against any army and searing doom is good against most (even wild riders have 4+ armor).

I`ll think about it.


If that is the case, I would just make the level 2 of death into fire.


Ill think about it. Just received a message that I can change the list til sunday without penalty. <br>There is a further houserule I didnt mention til now. Death magic limits channeling. With a lvl 4 you can`t channel at all, with a lvl 2 only 1 die.

Maybe a Iron demon instead of the HC would be an option. That would make the list more active and I could protect one flank with it. The HC is a better fighter, but slow.


your list would not be much more active due to so many points put into infernal guard? I would really just focus on maximizing your ranged damage. Why a level 2 of death also? You got plenty of anti monster with rockets, and searing doom powered up can really ruin any solo lord. Are you banking on doom and darkness?


Doom and darkness is great. I had him lore of death mainly because of the basic spell and lvl 2 because of the better rolls and the chance to get a second good spell.

Youre right. Ill change the small ds to fire, lvl 1 is enough then. Ruby ring would be great. That would be 15 pts. saved, no charmed shield, earthing rod stays with the s-p.

Dont need the flame banner on the Great weapons also, enough flames in the army (banner of swiftness or razor banner instead?). <br>Tendency to razor banner, although id have to sacrifice one warrior (24 instead of 25). Dont want to lower the protection of the general and bsb.<br><br>Lvl 4 metal, general, blood of hashut, ench. shield, preservation, earthing rod <br>Lvl 1 fire, ruby ring, scroll <br>BSB, GW, Armor of B. the Cruel, Dawnstone <br>Khan on wolf (sword -1 attack after wounding) <br>Khan on wolf (bravery potion) <br>Khan on wolf <br> <br>23 blunderbuss, muso <br>24 GW, m, s, razor banner <br> <br>2 Deathshrieker <br>1 Hell cannon <br>1 Kdaii Destroyer



I would keep the razor standard. It makes the whole unit pretty scarry with str6 AP, and it makes the prophet a little more flighty.

Just something to consider with the level 1, he will usually be able to cast the level 2 fire ball reliably with 3 dice, and should always be able to cast the level 1 fireball with 2 dice. Even if you made him level 2, he would still only reliably cast the level 2 fireball with 3 dice, and has a decent chance with 2 dice. So then on an average magic phase (7) , you will likely be in a situation where you can do 1 fireball, and 2 metal spells. Only when you get a big phase will you really be able to take advantage of using 2 fireballs, and getting off your important level 4 metal spells. You can get away with not having the ruby ring of ruin, since just having fireball is enough because you can boost it and take most chaff targets and elves off the board. You would then have 25 points to play with.


I think I`ll keep the ring for the first turns when the metal enhancement spells are not so effective and the high range of the lvl2 fireball is really great. Could at least trigger the dispel scroll very early :-).

Thanks for your good input!

edit: I feel comfortable with the list now. Hope I can bring its strengths to the table.


So at my recent tournament, I ran a list similar but the prophet was geared even more so for closecombat, with the blackhammer of hashut, enchanted shield, talisman of preservation, and blood of hashut. I felt much much more confident in him and his unit (which had a similar castellen build) in getting them stuck into combat. I was running lore of hashut too.

Something to consider, with the prophet armed with the hammer, a castellen, and a champion if you go 6 wide, you should always get 17 str6 attacks, over multiple turns and still have a lot of ranks. It is likely the most fighty infernal guard block we can make.


Thats a good build, Ill keep that in mind.


I came back from the tournament yesterday evening.
The positive thing is: With some luck a chaos dwarf  :cheers won the tournament which was sadly only with 18 participants.
His list was lvl 4 hashut, demonsmith, tauruk, IG hw/s, Hobgoblins, 5 or 6 bc, destroyer, 2 shrieker, hellcannon.

The field was very dense with a lot of very experienced players. All of my opponents were very nice people and Ill happily play them again next time.<br><br><strong>1st game was against Bretonnians</strong> with only mounted models. 3 x 10 Knights otR, 2 x 5 Errant Knights, 1 x 5 Squires, 2 x 3 pegasi, lvl 4 beast. Shooting was nearly ineffective. I didnt manage to hit much and then he saved a lot with 5+.
The hellcannon raged and killed three pegasi. The destroyer rampaged through the chaff. 1 lance of knights with 2 heroes charged into my great weapons, but I managed to kill him 1 hero and the IG stood until end of the game.
He moved very clever and could charge the destroyer with his monster killer lord with the heroic deathblow. 2nd close combat the destroyer fell, this decided the game (8:12).

2nd game against wood elves: That was a slow game and we played only 3 turns. The destroyer killed a unit of 6 wild riders. A death shrieker hit killed 9 of 10 bowmen. The woodelves killed the 2 shriekers and all 3 khans with poisoned arrows. 9:11 loss.

3rd game against dwarves: That was a very interesting game that was finally decided by a mistake from myself. He deployed his 4 warmachines as broad as possible from corner to corner. I had turn 1 and the hellcannon malfunctioned with a “6” and killed one cannon but couldnt shoot anymore. The shriekers wounded both the other cannon but didnt wound (!). My troops “ran” in direction of the nearly unprotected war machines.
His gyros killed the khans. His cannon killed both shriekers. My hellcannon and troops didnt reach him in close combat, only the destroyer did his bloody job. I tried to get one block of dwarves with the blunderbusses after shooting two gyrocopters to pieces :-). Sadly I did nearly no damage. But the mistake was I got a little too far and he managed two charges on 8 and killed the blunders.<br>7:13 (otherwise it would have been 11:9 for me).<br><br><strong>4th game: Switched armies:</strong> I played with a very mobile high elf list against my own chaos dwarves. 2 flame chickens flame ward, 1 dragon lord flame ward, eagle bsb flame ward, 9 dragon princes flame ward, silver helms, archers. Shall I say more ;-). My list stood no chance, 16:4 win:hat. Maybe I should change sides.;)<br><br><strong>5th game against the only female general with demons:</strong><br>1 great demon of Khorne (not the new one), 2 demon princes, 2 x 10 horrors, 25 plague bearers, 2 x1 nurgle beasts, 4 nurgle flies, Khorne cannon.<br>The game went horribly. <br><br>She rolled ASF, +2 attacks and impact hits for her Khorne demon.<br><br>In my first 2 turns I had only hits with my warmachines (6 hits) on the demon princes and the cannon. She saved 5 of 6 on 5+ demonic ward save, the 6th did 2 wounds on the Khorne cannon. I killed 7 plague bearers with the metal spell number 6. Then my magic was practically not existent because three times I didnt manage to cast the first spell (3 dice should roll 9). The destroyer fell due to 1 failed ward save too much in the last close combat phase.
Before the Blunderbusses did 2 wounds on Nurgle flies with 63 shots (shooting and stand and shoot) and fell against a combined charge of Khorne demon, Demon prince, nurgle flies and cannon.
I killed the Khorne cannon and nearly all units but 1 remaining nurgle fly. I lost everything but my Great weapons and the general.
So finally I went 11th of 18. Could have been better from that side ;). But was a nice weekend nevertheless.

To do list:
- Play less warmachines. A few dice rolls are too important ;-).

- Play lore of Hashut: Maybe I have then the blessing of the Father of darkness.

- Experiment with two blocks of IG: One block will be sufficient. Equipment?

Blunderbusses are great and they can stand their ground in combat with the BSB included. Maybe I`ll keep them because of their psychological effect.

- Khans were good against bretonnians and partially against wood elves. Against demonic flyers and dwarves nearly useless.