[Archive] 2.5k tournament list


hey guys, would like some feedback on this list, planning to run it at an upcoming tournament or two

Sorceror - prophet - level 4, lore of metal, 4+wsv talisman, scroll, potion of T

bsb - enchanted sh, sword of might

28 infernal guard - great weapons, full command

22 infernal guard - hailshot blunderbussess, full command, flaming banner

28 hobgoblins - full command, shields

6 kdaii fireborn - manburner

deathshrieker - hellbound

deathshrieker - hellbound


I’m about concerned at how small it is, pretty much going to have to set up refused flank most times.

I’ve gone with metal asit has some nice damage and augment spells


Not the flaming banner!!

Fireborn burning out concern me for the points, i reckon we’ll have to test out using them vs using six bull centaurs. I’m building six of each regardless!


If you’re using the flaming banner, why not take the lore of Hashut?


There is a story behind the flaming banner, that involves missing out on 66 stand and shoot hits on a charge by 15 dragon princes due to invulnerable to flaming attacks.


Drop the Hobs, get a Lv2 to guard your machines and take Metal, then the Lv4 can take Lore of Hashut. Trust me, its a better balance. The Hobgoblins are a soft target and won’t do much, if you take Hobs at all I think you should take 2+ units.

Its very similar to my tourney list, though I would add a Magma Cannon somehow (Ogres hate it and you’ll see a lot of them at tournies).

I found Crown of Command on the Lv4 to be very handy, makes the smaller unit of IG stubborn too. Its a small army, you want as sturdy a battleline as possible.

I would not take the Banner of Eternal Flame, you already have the K’Daai for flaming attacks. You don’t want Dragon Princes/Firebellies having too much freedom :slight_smile:

Fireborn burning out concern me for the points, i reckon we’ll have to test out using them vs using six bull centaurs. I’m building six of each regardless!
BCs are definitely a safer choice, however Fireborn are immense when fighting the right targets (Elves and Humans mainly, though they will shred zombies, skeletons, goblins etc very fast too, anything with Str and T3).


lol - yeah those dragon princes were a pain in the butt!

ok good feedback guys.

quick question though, do you still need 3 minimum core units? it comes up in army builder, but I thought it was just on % points core now…


You just need 3 units minimum, from any slot.

I agree with Baggronor. Magma cannons are great, especially against ogres. And if you’ve got a magma cannon, destroyer and fireborn, you should probably take lore of hashut and hope you get ashstorm. Flames of azgorh is a frightening spell. It very rarely does anything, but the chance of having your general killed in turn one usually sees the dispel scroll popping out.

I always take fire with my daemonsmith, if all the hashut spells are out of range you can throw six dice at a big fireball.

Why the flaming banner? If you’re making your blunder shots flaming, surely dragon princes stand a better chance of surviving than if you didn’t have them flaming? Also, watch out for solo characters flying around with the dragonhelm - last game against WoC, one character held up my destroyer for two turns and even managed to wound it a few times before it burnt itself out.

I’d make the core just big enough to meet the 625 point requirement. This way you can spend more points on things that kill stuff.

I can see you’re tight for points, but also consider a hobgoblin khan on a wolf. These are excellent for taking out sabretusks, rats, warmachine crew etc.