[Archive] 2 Goblin Spear Chukkas, 20 Dwarf Slayers + House Goliath Gang for sale


The Spear Chukkas are the metal version, not Finecast. Still in blister packs.
£10 each + £1 postage.

20 Dwarf Slayers: some are OOP, the standard bearer is a conversion. Painted to a basic tabletop standard, some could use a touch-up. Models in photo are the models for sale. Underside of the bases are numbered 1-20 for ease of ranking (they rank up perfectly this way).
If you’re interested, please make me a money offer in £ via PM.

The Necromunda House Goliath Gang consists of 1 Gangleader, 1 Heavy, 3 Gangers, 2 Juves - all unpainted and unassembled.
Basically the current House Goliath Gang box set missing one regular Ganger and a shotgun (see this picture for all models included) - all the other weapon options and bases are included too.
The complete set goes for £20.50 at GW but I’ll accept £14 + £1 postage.

I accept Paypal and will ship worldwide.