[Archive] 2 miners

Tarrakk Blackhand:

A customer of mine that builds Chaos Dwarfs decided to give me 2 of his miners because he didn’t want to use them.

I’ve converted mine into heavy weapons, but the BFSP only gives you 8. Standard warrior regiment is 10+.

Now I’ll have enough for 10!

orcs of fire:

yes that is really annoying only getting 8:|

good job on getting 2 more!!:slight_smile:


i managed to get over that problem using this army list



:hat off It’s great you find a way to have a great weapon unit ! I’ll get over that problem in a different way, by converting mine into normal hw+shield warriors, as the BFSP set also only gives you 10 of those warriors. That’s too small a unit for my taste !

Considering the conversion will have the beard and the shield cover near everything on the front, I won’t have much work to do (finding shields and weapons somewhere else will be the main task, but my bro has a bunch of skaven stuff, he might give me some), and the command shall be converted to something else (namely, the champion with the lantern will become a mage (I’m stealing an idea somewhere on this forum ; EDIT it’s Shangler’s idea) the banner might stay a banner or be done into something else, and I have no idea what to do with the musician, maybe trade it if I find a dwarf player).

I might also end up converting the arquebusiers too, to have a 20 dwarf strong unit. I know I will make the champion into a hero with great weapon as he have the pose I want (dwarves, join chaos you’ll get promoted fast ! :stuck_out_tongue: ) but I don’t have definite plan for the other folks.

All you have to do for those two units is to get rid of the weapon, put a curly beard and a shield to cover the mess, and work a little bit the arm holding the weapon and voila you have a HW+shield warrior ! Those vacations away from home are going to be slow, I can’t wait to begin.

It’s nice to see you can end up with a decent warrior unit and all the character you will need but the monster-riding ones too. With the goblins, the BSFP gives you a decent starting army.

Kera foehunter:

so are these 2 new miner slave are part of A new underground plan of your cds ??

Tarrakk Blackhand:

No, they are converts into my existing Heavy Weapons team so that I can play them legetimatly in a game.

Remeber that my existing 8 guys look like this:

So these will be the final 2 to make the unit the required 10+ models.