[Archive] 20 Plastic Chaos Dwarf Warriors for Sale - SOLD


Edit: These have been sold. Thank you!


First post here :slight_smile:

A few years ago I picked up some of the plastic CD warriors from GW when they still had them available through mail order. Ended up taking a long break from Warhammer after that (now back to the game, but collecting regular dwarfs). I still have the CD warriors and thought there might be someone on here who could use them.

There are 20 total, with bases for all of them - 16 are still on the sprue, and four have been clipped off.

Iā€™m asking US$20 for all of them, plus $5 shipping in the US or $10 in the UK (less for shipping to the UK if it would actually cost less, the $10 is just from a quick look at the US post office web site). Iā€™d also be open to a trade for a Dwarf warrior or quarreller regiment box.

Here are pictures of the miniatures:




If anyone is interested, please PM here.