[Archive] 20 Warriors for sale (cash or trade)


Seeing as I’m making a new start with my army, I thought I might sell the one unit of warriors I made.  I’m too lazy to rebase them!

I have more photos, and if anyone is interested I’ll take photos by rank, front and back, so you know exactly what you’re offering for.  I’d also need to box them up and weigh for the postage costs.

I haven’t actually looked at these all in a long time, so I’ll need to dig them out and do any small repairs as needed (reattaching shields etc).

Ideally I’ll take cash (paypal only), though I would consider a trade…  for metal models!  Depending on the models ideally I’d do a 1 for 1 trade in unpainted (not even undercoated) metal models, i.e. 20 models for 20.  If they’re goblins I’d need more, and I would be prepared to barter if they’re big models.  If anyone happens to have lumps of Prince August metal ingots I’d do a trade for those as well.

Any white metal models would do as long as they don’t have lead in them (for melting down and recasting.

Obviously if anyone is interested I’d need to properly write down the terms of sale/trade (recorded delivery and refund terms etc).


If you upload photos of each rank and you make a price I might be interested in buying these fellas!


If you upload photos of each rank and you make a price I might be interested in buying these fellas!

Aye same here, a price and some extra photos would be nice.


I want them! What’s even better is that the style fits that of my Mid-Nor dwarves (look at the weapons): http://i40.photobucket.com/albums/e235/Allt_under/P1010254-1.jpg

I can guarantee them a great home where they’ll see lots of action. But what’s your asking price?


I’m on it too, what about the price?


Seeing as there’s more that one person interested…

I’ll start the bidding at £30 +P & P and leave it open until midnight sunday (GMT), at which point the current highest bidder will win OR I will accept the most tempting trade.

Paypal only and I insist on doing recorded delivery.  I’ll give a full refund within 2 months of posting only if the product is returned to me in the condition it is sent (and at your own expense).  I can’t account for the box being damaged in transit but I will pack it very well.  If it is a trade I will only post these once I have received my models!

People can post their bid here or by pm to me.  I’ll update this post regularly with the current highest bid (I’ll leave usernames out).

If people want to do a trade with me, I’m [/u], preferably GW ones (as I know the era of models they stopped using lead in them.

Ideally not even undercoated or with super glue on.  They will all be melted down you see, so you can keep any bases.

Just so people know exactly what they’re bidding for:


…Sorry for the blunt question: it’s possible to strip them isn’t it?

Hashut’s Blessing:

If you mean the ones on offer, yes you can strip them. If you mean the ones that you’re sending, I’d imagine it would have to be extremely thoroughly.


It should be fairly easy to strip them as they’re not varnished (aside from the blood on the banner). You’d probably just be better off repainting parts. :wink:

As HB said, I would accept stripped metal minis as a trade.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Sorry GSF, didn’t mean to step on your toes, just thought I’d answer since I was about and didn’t know if you were, lol. If I had the money, I’d have stolen these and replaced them with it :wink:


Wow, you’d buy these just to strip them?  If it comes to that, I’ll buy them and save them from a horrible fate. They deserve better than that, IMO.


Well, if I’m buying them I want them to bear the colors of my army that’s it!


Update time.

I have a cash offer of [/u] and also a potential trade for metal (which would now need to compete with £50).

Incidently I had overestimated the cost of metal ingots these days, turns out the cheap ones I bought last time did actually have some lead in them…  It worked out about 60p per 30g (about the weight of a CD warrior in metal) or 2p per g.  I’ll be generous and say 1.40 for GW white metal (as it’s high quality metal) for 30g, meaning about 5p per g.

So in order to match a £50 bid you’d need to find at least 1000g of unpainted metal (just over 2lb).  Sadly as I’m only going to be melting it down the models themselves have no value to me as anything other than lumps of metal.

As I am apparently going to be buying metal ingots with a little lead in them, I suppose if people have models they suspect may have a little I would accept them as well.  

Incidently, if the price really is around £1.40 per dwarf sized model just for the metal, it shows why GW are moving to resin.  They probably get a bulk discount on a wholesale price.  But even so it’s expensive.


I have had a trade offer that equals £50 in metal weight (based on my calculations) and potentially goes higher.