[Archive] 2000 or 2500 points V High Elves


Hi guys

I have a game coming up on Thursday versus High Elves. It might be 2000 or 2500 points depending on what we think we can get away with.

I have no idea what he’ll be running but here’s my lists.

Sorcerer Prophet (Lvl4, Lore of Hashut, Talisman of Preservation)

Castellan (Mask of the furnace, Great Weapon)

Daemonsmith (Lvl2, Lore of Fire, Talisman of Protection)

20 Infernal Guard (Full Command)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

3 Bull Centaurs (Hand Weapon and shield Full command)

6 K�?TDaai (Manburner)

Magma Cannon

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders (Spears, Champ, musician)

By My reckoning that�?Ts 2002 points

If we decide to go for 2500 then I�?Tm going to give Drazhoath a go just for the hell of it.

Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath

Infernal Castellan (Mask of the Furnace and Great Weapon)

Daemonsmith (Lvl2, Lore of Fire)

22 Infernal Guard (Full Command)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

10 Infernal Guard (Fireglaves)

3 Bull Centaurs (Hand Weapon and shield Full command)

6 K�?TDaai (Manburner)

Magma Cannon

Iron Daemon

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders (Spears, musician)

Any thought out there?



Goltor Lintrepide:

I won’t be of any help since I’m not that much experienced with my newly started chaos dwarf army, but I really want to see you try the wolf raiders and drazhoath. Just to know if they can be efficient!:stuck_out_tongue:

I would say though that this magma cannon and those fireborns are a must have.

Let us know how it goes! :hat off


Alright here we GOOOO… (sung to the song)

Blunderbusses, these are a must use against elves specially his big block that will surely have banner of world dragon. Nothing shreds elves like crap tons of st3 shots that get to reroll wounds.

Magma cannons will also reap the whirlwind on their ranks.

The bulls should only have musician, a banner will just be too much cost and possible loss.

With the bulls you really dont need the wolf riders. As the bulls cost a tad more but will do alot more and take alot less wounds and no random chance of them killing each other. If you want bait units that are toss aways use khans on wolves. Those guys wont ever animosity on you.

Dreadquake will make the elves cry. Fire born might not be good, they are going to be iffy as most of the special units will just chop em up quick like. The destroyer will take alot of the heat and give it back.

I just dont know if I would ever use Drazhoath, as he is just a great big target. I am not overly familer with him whats his magic defense like? If its lit he will get eaten up by elf magics.

If I knew what the high elves were totting I could advise you better but this is all the wisdom I have for now.



Thank you for your input. Unfortunately I don’t have any Blunderbuss totting guys (my army is fully Forgeworld)

I Have certainly used Fireborn with great success against High Elves before wiping out a unit of Sword Masters with ease, as long as they’re kept away from Dragon Princes they’re fine.

The inclusion of Drazhoath is a bit of an experiment, yes he’s a target but I would like to see how he plays out in the game. I’ll be sure and put a battle report together whatever happens.




Unfortunately due to a series of other things going on we only got through 1 and a half turns of the game before the store had to close.

Still it was an instructive first attempt using Drazhoath and Cinderbreath (we ended up going for 2500 despite starting late).

From what I remember he had roughly


2 level 2 Mages

1 Noble (BSB banner of the world dragon and Dragon armour)

One unit of 10 Swordmasters (Teclis and noble was in with these guys)

1 unit of 15 swordmasters (the other two mages were here)

1 unit of 7 dragon princes

Bolt thrower

2 big units of sea guard (not sure how many)

2 big units of archers

1 unit of spearmen

It was a game of pretty bad dice rolling from both sides especially in the magic phases (snake eyes for the casting dice roll in one turn)

My first turn was pretty dull. Movement was basically getting a building between his Dragon Princes and my K�?TDaai and moving forward with the Iron Daemon.

Magic was pretty good, though I only managed to roll 5 dice for casting with this turn I managed to drop Drazhoath on the building (which was a wizards tower). From here I successfully cast Ash Storm at the unit of swordmasters with the two mages in and then attempted to follow it up with a fireball from the Daemonsmith though this was dispelled.

Shooting was so-so. I killed a few swordmasters with the flame cannon and a couple of Dragon Princes with the Iron Daemon steam cannonade the fireglaves were out of range though.

His first turn Charged the Iron Daemon with the Dragon princes and moved everything else up that he could.

Magic he rolled 3 and I was left with 2 dispell dice. Thanks to his extra casting dice from the Moon Staff he successfully cast Comet of Casondora with Teclis and that was it.

His shooing killed one Hobgoblin Wolf Raider and a total of 4 fireglaves across both units.

Combat and his dragon princes caused a couple of wounds on the Iron Daemon and thanks to a fluffed armour save a Dragon Prince died from the crew�?Ts attacks.

My second turn. I declare charges.

Charge 1: the large Infernal Guard unit into the Dragon Princes engaged with the Iron Daemon.

Charge 2: the Bull Centaurs into the left hand unit of seaguard (20 in two rank of 10) who chose to stand and shoot. 1 wound caused from this.

Charge 3: (as we were being told to finish this turn) Drazhoath into the unit of Swordmasters with Teclis in.

Didn�?Tt move anything else other than the Wolf Raiders round the flank of the right most unit of archers.

Magic I rolled snake eyes and succeeded to cast anything fireball which was promptly dislpelled.

Shooting, whittled down the big unit of swordmasters again including taking a wound from one of the mages who failed his lookout sir roll.

Combat. As the Infernal guard charged into an existing combat the Dragon Princes were only strength 3 and took 1 wound, the Iron daemon took none. Three DPs were killed in return and fled. The evil stunties were not able to chase them down though.

The Bull Centaurs took another wound from the seaguard before flattening 5 thanks to me remembering the stomp attacks :slight_smile: these guys lost the combat, fled and were chased down with the Bull Centaurs chasing them and then running into a unit of archers on a hill directly behind the seaguard.

The final combat of the game and it was Drazhoath and Cinderbreath vs the Swordmasters, Teclis and the BSB (suitably cinematic).

First off the Blazing Body Rule did for the front row with Teclis taking a wound, as did the three Swordmasters in the front rank with only the noble in his Dragon Armour making his save and not taking any wounds. The noble and Swordmasters attacks were all directed against Drazhoath himself but he only actually took one wound(T5 6+ and 5++ against Swordmasters works pretty well) . The Breath weapon took out the rest of the Swordmasters leaving just the noble and Teclis to receive the attacks. Drazhoath directed his attacks against Teclis, and Cinderbreath against the Noble (yes I know) reasoning that the higher number of attacks would mean he�?Td roll at least one 1. Teclis died very easily and the Noble los one wound to cinderbreath�?Ts attacks then the other to Thunderstomp.

This was where we had to call it a day but though we were only half way through the game turn.

On balance although I did throw Drazhoath into combat against the Swordmasters I wouldn�?Tt have done so if it wasn�?Tt for the fact that we knew it was going to be the last turn so I wanted to make sure we had a suitably big finish to the game.

I was actually shocked at how destructive the guy is in combat. Cinderbreath�?Ts special rules are worryingly powerful in combat, Blazing body is devastatingly effective against the always striking first high elves and the St5 breath weapon means that even heavy armour is ignored. Although only a 5+ ward save Drazhoath is surprisingly resilient in combat too.

The Iron Daemon was a bit of a disappointment but getting tied up in combat so quickly didn�?Tt really give it a chance to see what�?Ts it�?Ts capable of.

Bull Centaurs performed admirably but again didn�?Tt really have much of a chance to see what they�?Tre truly capable of thanks to the short game.

The K�?TDaai didn�?Tt really do anything except attract a lot of arrow fire. Being a bigger unit than I have fielded before I was hoping to see how these guys would survive the game but once again the late start and fixed closing time scuppered that idea.

Anyway Thanks for all the advice guys and I�?Tll let you know how my next game goes.