[Archive] 2000 Point Chaos Warhound "Army"

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Just had a thought, but I know it can’t work propperly because Chaos Warhounds don’t count towards minimum Core choices…

But what about fielding a HUGE pack of Chaos Warhounds to just run amok and attack any and all of the other Warhammer armies?

Maxed out wolves @ 10 points each would make for 200 wild Chaos Wolves. That’s with Poisioned attack and scaly skin. (They could also be broken into units of 20 to make for clusters of 10 wolf packs.)

There might even be a warhound pack leader that would count as a Hero, but all he’d have is possibly 1 or 2 extra attacks.

Appart from that, everything would be right off the WOC list.

What do you guys think? Would you like to challenge 200 Wolves?


Doubt that would make for a very exciting game. Poisoned attacks and saly skin are generally considered to be a waste of points on Chaos Hounds, and anyway a horde army is done far better by goblins, saven, hobbos, marauders or jst about any cheap core unit. The game wouldn’t really offer any new tactical challenges as the dogs only advantage - their speed - would be cancelled out by the lack of space from having to squeeze 200 of them onto the board. In my experience armies like this tend to turn the game into a dice rolling contest rather than a game of tactical skill.


I think it would be cool, you could have bigger hounds and count them as trolls and take the troll king to make them core


Sounds like madness to me, but i’ve been wrong before.


Sounds like madness to me, but i've been wrong before.

Madness...THIS IS ZHARR-NAGGRUND!! *kick*