[Archive] 2000 point force (09/03/10)


So here is my first CD army list. I have chosen to use the indy GT book as it adds more variety, plus it actually has armory to be proud of :slight_smile:

Chaos Dwarf army list: 2000 Points

Lord: (245)

Chaos Dwarf Overlord (145)

�?� Soul Eater (35)

�?� Amulet of Hashat (65)


Heroes�?T: (492)

Slave Master (65)

�?� Battle Standard Bearer (25)

�?� Armour of Furnace (40)


Deamonsmith (110)

�?� Shield (2)

�?� 2 Dispel Scrolls (5)


Rykarth, the Unbreakable (200)


Core: (806)

19 Chaos Dwarfs (152)

�?� Chaos Armour (57)

�?� Shields (19)

�?� Full Command (25)

�?� Eruption Gun (45)


19 Chaos Dwarfs (152)

�?� Chaos Armour (57)

�?� Shields (19)

�?� Full Command (25)

�?� Warbanner (25)

�?� Eruption Gun (45)


15 blunderbusses ( 180)


Special: (357)

19 Obsidian Guard (247)

�?� Shields (19)

�?� Great Weapons (36)

�?� Full Command (30)

�?� Sword of Battle (25)


Rare: (100)

Earth Shaker (100)



pretty small force, and really slow. I would put some wolfboys/cetaurs in there. (and some boltthrowers)


I hate to agree that this army would get rolled pretty quick.  With no real movement to speak of, I’m afraid you’ll get magic’d to death or hit with perfectly set up charges from multiple sides all at once.  Not to mention he could probably win just by taking table quarters and never engage you and there’s nothing you could really do about it.  I think you either need more ranged stuff to make him come to you or you need to bring something to him.  Or both! You also need more than two core units.


Ok, well firstly i have just noted that i forgot to write my 15 blunderbusses in there. Though, im guessing, but some people would prefer to take two units 10 and not a single unit of 15.

@bolg: i didn’t really want to include bull centaurs, yet, as im not confident enough with the green stuff or converting in general. However i never thought about adding wolf boys, which could definitely work.

@phierlihy: i always had three core units. just forgot to include the blunderbusses. I thought a daemon smith with two scrolls would be enough, as far as magic defense went.

So, i guess it back to the drawing board. might try and make a list out of the RH book as well.

Cheers for the comments so far :hat off


In a typical list a scroll caddy can work but I find that’s assuming you can get your army into combat to limit targets and such. Without the need to engage you, an 8ish power dice army could cause you some real hurt. And that’s not an over-powered magic phase either! Sorry if I was unclear!!


No, you where clear. I am going to write another list, perhaps dropping the chaos Armour on the warriors and adding in a second, more magic focused, daemon smith. I will also probably drop the obsidian guard, add 5 more blunderbusses. Making two units of 10. Plus add in bull centaur unit. I’m thinking this will be pretty tight for points. Expect a list in the next few days for more evaluation.


Looking forward to your new list, and dont forget 2 units of 5 wolfboys Light armour shield musician are really cheap and worth their points