[Archive] 2000 points, 3 units... Could this work?


Playing around with quatermaster on the iPhone and somehow came up with the following list, what are your thoughts?

Daemonsmith, Level 2, lore of death, Chalice of Blood and Darkness.

Infernal Castellan, Shield, Battle standard, Talisman of Preservation

Infernal Castellan, Great weapon, Dragonhelm, Seed of Rebirth

39 Infernal Guard, Deathmask, Standard, musician

39 Infernal Ironsworn, Deathmask, standard, musician

K’daai Destroyer

2000 points

Daemonsmith holds off any magic using the chalice while hiding in on near one of the blocks. Maybe lore of death snipe a good target.

K’daai right in the middle flanked by a horde block eitherside and tear up the centrline! :mask


I think your main worry would be meeting an army that plays the ‘3 Brick’ game better than you. Someone like Ogres, DoC or WoC. If they do it better than you, you have no fallback option. The disparity in speed between the blocks and the Destroyer could also prove a problem.


26 Infernal Guard with Blunderbusses costs the same as 39 IG with HWs (both with FC). Significantly fewer models in the block, but the former gets you some great firepower as well as stand and shoot reaction. I’ve had great luck in my last game with a big block of blunderbusses. The D3 multiple shots made them more variable that I normally prefer for my lists, but when they did well I was rolling 30+ dice, without any stand and shoot or long range penalties :wink: If you went with 35 IG with blunderbusses and 30 IG with HWs (again, both with FC) then your BB’s would get the Wound re-roll too, provided you deploy them in two ranks of 15-wide for firing.

I kept another unit if IGs nearby as a constant threat of flank charging anything that tried to charge by BBs head-on…

Let us all know how you make out with this list :wink:



Interesting, but I’d watch out for dwellers, pit, PSoX, gateway, mindrazor, flames of the phoenix…but using the chalice should help.

I think I’d prefer blundebusses on one unit, even if it reduces the model count by 13.

Tell us how you get on!


Barragnor, I think you’re right about other armies being better at the 3 brick game. But the destroyer shouldn’t be a problem just start it off behind your blocks and then let it loose when the enemy are close enough!

Nicodemus, you may be right about the blunderbusses but I wanted two massive blocks in the list. Mainly just to scare the opponents!

Nilbog, definitely got to watch out for those. :confused:

It was just a fun list to think about tbh, I don’t currently have enough models to represent this army at the moment. maybe in the future I’ll give it a go.