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Hi All,

I am a new member, so please be gentle.

After looking around the forums, I have come up with the following list (any thoughts you may have would be most appreciated)!

Total Roster Cost: 1996


Enchanted Shield

Chalice of Blood and Darkness

Talisman of Preservation

Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Charmed Shield

Dispel Scroll

Ironcurse Icon

Infernal Castellan

Trickster’s Helm


10 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (Shields, Hand Weapons)

Musician Mus, Standard Bearer, Deathmask

10 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (Fireglaives)


10 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guard (Fireglaives)


6 Bull Centaurs Renders (Shields, Hand Weapons)

Musician Mus, Standard Bearer, Bull Centaur Ba’hal

Razor Standard

Magma Cannon

Magma Cannon

Deathshrieker Death Rocket

This is a kind of a MSU list with a big hunk of of Centaur flesh to act as a meat shield while the rest of the army rampages (slowly) around…I am not a fan of gobbo’s and don’t want to include them in the list as yet…Thanks in advance!


Grimbold Blackhammer:

I’ll preface my comments by saying I am totally unconvinced MSU works effectively with a slow moving army like Chaos Dwarves. That being said, I don’t see anything obviously wrong. I would consider dropping a war machine and perhaps changing out the gear on the Castellan (who I’d also make a Battle Standard Bearer). I have tried Fireglaives before and while I often take a small unit as a “detachment” for a larger unit of hand weapon & shield Infernal Guard, the wound or two they may pick off of enemy units in the shooting phase doesn’t justify their cost. I think you could spend those points better somewhere else (probably just by buying more bodies for the units).

Let us know how it goes!

Grimbold Blackhammer


Thanks for the advice - will take another look at the list and see what I can do…


what levels and lore are the sorcerers?

Metal or Hashut would be amazing for this list.

I’d dump a warmachine and take those points and solidify the IG Hw/sh block.

2 units of fireglaives are nice, could be good flank chargers, chaff killers. Part of me wants to say put the points of one of them in the HW/Sh, and keep both WMs…

tough call.

6 BC’s? That’s a pretty solid block.


Hey Blackspine,

The SP is level 4 with Hashut, and the DS is level 1 Death/Metal (Not really sure on that yet).

The 6 BC’s are pretty heavy - I am relying on their toughness and speed (and super scariness), to close down my opponents bigger/scarier units, while getting some flanks in from the Fireglaives. The Hw/Sh block unit would be used as a flank/support unit as well.

I am also trying to decide on whether to keep the warmachine or the second fireglaives - or even if the Hw/Sh unit needs to more bodies?


i like the list the only things i wud do is take a unit of fireglaves out and make the unit of ten h/s into a unit of 24 chainge one magma cannon in to a d s rocket, Then you have the points to make your bsb and may be have some points left over to make one hellbound. :slight_smile:

Da Crusha:

personally I don’t like the list. the bull centaurs are a huge point sink and won’t do much in close combat. then you don’t have anything else to take on a combat. I have not tried msu much (in general let alone with chaos dwarfs) but its tedious. tried it once with chaos dwarfs with 4 units of 10 fireglaive. they didn’t do much for me. I think you should try running chaos dwarfs differently.

to change your list, I would drop one or both magma cannons for more infernal guard with hand weapon and shield. if you aren’t attached to the fireglaives I would drop them also. I noticed you don’t have a destroyer,o are you avoiding it on purpose? if not, get one. get a bsb to support ranks of infantry. Id drop all of the bull centaurs for more ranked infantry.

my problem with bull centaur renders is they only have 2 S4 attacks each. it is hardly scary. they are big and hard to hurt but they aren’t offensive enough for their points cost. If you have your heart set on them  go with great weapons to increase their effectiveness and try to cast breath of hatred on them. those 2 things will make them much scarier. also a bull centaur tauruk with stubborn crown will make them much harder to deal with.

and if you don’t mind switching fireglaives for a big unit of blunderbuss do it. BB are pretty mean.

my 2 cents.


Thanks for the feedback guys - lots to think about. Might have to go back to the drawing board on this, but appreciate the comments!