[Archive] 2000 pts LoA Euro


What you think about this?

Unnamed2000 Pts - The Legion of Azgorh Army

1 Sorcerer-Prophet @ 350.0 Pts
General; Lore of Hashut; Magic Level 4; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour
Chalice of Blood and Darkness

1 Bull Centaur Taur’ruk @ 230.0 Pts
Great Weapon; Blackshard Armour
Crown of Command, Dragonhelm

7 Bull Centaurs Renders @ 440.0 Pts
Great Weapons; Heavy Armour; FCG
Banner of Swiftness

1 K’daai Destroyer @ 325.0 Pts

23 Chaos Dwarf Inferal Guard @ 450.0 Pts
Fireglaives; Blackshard Armour; Shield; FCG
Banner of Eternal Flame

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats @ 80.0 Pts
Throwing Knives; Light Armour

1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher @ 125.0 Pts

Models in Army: 57

Total Army Cost: 2000.0


You are not allowed to post individual values of items, please remove them. Commenting on your list as soon as this is done :slight_smile:


like this?:slight_smile: now is good?:slight_smile:


I quite like it.

How are you running the Ironguard?

Scary unit of BullCentaurs