[Archive] 2000pt Chaos Dwarf army with DoW

Vise the Stompy:

I recently rediscovered the incredibly unique (though woefully unsupported) supported Chaos Dwarfs and I thought about building my own 2000 point list. However I am not a fan of the fantasy greenskins at all. A little fluff fixed this problem by making a “specists” general on an international slave gathering campaign and has decided to bolster his army with Dogs of War instead of risking a slave revolt in a foreign land.

In the end I have created 2 lists and I am not sure which one to build towards. The first lists concentrates on heavy missile fire and uses the warriors and pikemen to defend while the Lord acts as independent support. The second lists has a stronger melee punch and maneuverability but is spread out more.

So which list do you think is better or if you have another variation on the CD/DoW theme I would be happy to hear it (I will make an exception on the no greenskins for one or two units of hobgoblins but only for special choices and heroes)

Army #1

Chaos Dwarf Lord on Taurus 410

-Black Hammer of Hashut

-Armor of the Furnace

x2 Lvl 2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers (Each In a Blunderbuss Unit) 250

- Dispel scroll each

Character Total 660

Core units

x2 17 Chaos Dwarfs w/ Blunderbuss 428


x1 18 Chaos Dwarfs w/Great Axe 208

Core Total 636

Special Unit

x1 10 Bragazan’s Besiegers (10) 185

x1 30 Pirazzo’s Lost legion 260

-4 Crossbows and Pirazzo

-25 Pikemen

x1 Hobgoblin Bolter 30

Special Total 475

Rare Units

x2 Earth Shaker Cannons 220

Rare Total 220

Grand Total 1991

Army #2


Bull Centaur Lord 263

-Black Hammer of Hashut

-Armor of the Furnace


x2 Lvl2 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerers 250

-Dispel Scroll each

Character Total 513

Core Units

x2 Blunderbuss Chaos Dwarfs 17 428


-Includes Lvl2 Sorcerer

x1 Great Axe Chaos Dwarfs 18 208


Core total 636

Special Troops

x1 Vespero’s Vendetta (11) 185

x1 Beorg the Bearstruck and the Bearmen of Urslo (12) 271

x2 Death Rocket Launchers 160

Special Total 616

Rare Units

x1 Earth Shaker Cannon 110

x1 Heavy Armor Bull Centaurs 120

-Includes Bull Centaur Lord

Rare total 230

Grand Total 1995


Good nice to see people using the vendetta but remember when using the make shure YOU get the charge or else kiss them goodbye.

Uzkul Werit:

I’d go with the second list as it seems to rely less on those DOW.


I wouldn’t really opt for either list. It’s just that I don’t understand why people feel the need to use DOW when we have perfectly good units available. This particularly relevant when you attend a tournament as most tournaments do not allow you to take DOW units, althought you can have a DOW army.

Also 6 power dice is never really going to do you much good, you’re better off sticking with two level 1s or you could go magic heavy.

IMO warrior units work best at US 25, so I’d try to boost them up in numbers.

Lepreh Khan:

I agree with Hal. And your support units aren’t so much DoW as Regiments of Renown. They are all really expensive, and with the exception of the bearmen, Menghil Manhide’s Manflayers, and Voland’s Venators, I don’t like really any other Regiments of Renown.

Having said that, I find the Great Taurus to be a great unit! He took down 25 dwarven warriors with an oathstone all by himself last game I used him! I like the first list better than the second, but I would DEFINATELY ditch Braganza’s and Pirazzo’s. Especially Braganza, he has a banner and will give away 100 VP when he dies.

As Hal said, ditch the lvl 2 on the mages.

-Lepreh Khan

Vise the Stompy:

Im concintrating more on fluff and casual than tournaments, so taking Regiments over greenskins at an extra doesn’t bother me too much(Though mostly to fill the special slots as I reall like the dwarfs rare units provided.). That said I will still take your advice on the sorcerors,the warrior size and trying to get a taurus unit in. Ill try tinkering some more.:hat off


well the gunline is dramatically effective… so effective it will leave you friendless and alone…
i’d take the character situation from the second list and apply it to the first list… including the BC unit…
points left over get a hero general with HA and enchanted shield…
and of course drop the levels on the sorcerors for second scrolls…

Vise the Stompy:

Well I been playing around and Im pretty happy with the list except I got 188 points I can’t quiet decided on. Here is the current list


Dwarf Lord w/ Great Taurus 443

-Armor of the Furnace

-Black Hammer of Hashut

Chaos Sorceror Level 1 115

-x2 Dispel Scrolls

Chaos Sorceror Levle 1 115

-x2 Dispel Scrolls

Charachter Total 673

Core Units

25 Chaos Dwarfs with Great Axes 285


17 Chaos Dwarfs with Blunderbuss 214


-Sorceror in Unit

17 Chaos Dwarfs with Blunder buss 214


-Sorceor in Unit

Total Core 713

Special Units

Verpero Vendetta 10 175

Special Total 175

Rare Units

Earth Shaker Cannon 110

6 Bull Centaurs w/ Heavy Armor 141


Rare total 251

Current total 1812

My options are investing in some Special warmachines, another hero/sorceor and simply fill out my current units, or either the Bragazan’s Besiegers (For crossbow support against large cheap units) or The Alcantai Fellowship (For a pikeman infantry unit to block charges on my shooting units)