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Time of Madness:

Well, I’m back for a quick visit. I’ve been playing around with armybuilder coming up with some different 8th edition chaos dwarf lists. Here’s one of my all around favourites.


Chaos Dwarf Lord ( General )

- Ogre Blade

- Armour of Destiny

- Shield

= 213pts

Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer Lord

- Level 4

- Dispel Scroll

- Black Gem of Gnar

= 285pts

Chaos Dwarf Hero ( BSB )

- Sword of Might

- Armour of Gazrakh

= 135pts


23 Chaos Dwarf Warriors

General and BSB Here

- Full Command

- Warbanner

= 272pts

17 Blunderbuss

Sorcerer Lord Here

- Full Command

= 234pts

30 Hobgoblins

- Full Command

- Light Armour/Shields

= 150pts

20 Hobgoblins

- Full Command

- Bows

= 130pts


30 Sneaky Gits

- Full Command

= 180pts

Death Rocket

= 80pts

Death Rocket

= 80pts



= 110pts

6 Bull Centaurs

- Heavy Armour

- Great Weapons

= 126pts

TOTAL POINTS = 1995pts

The 2 larger units of hobgoblins will go on either side of the warrior unit allowing the hobgobbo’s to use my general’s LD and the bsb re-rolls.

Lots of fire power mixed with a bit of combat bite. I plan on running the regular hobgoblins 5X6 and the sneaky gits 6X5.

Time of Madness


All right, let’s comment my first CD army list!

The lord is quite good but you could give him 2+ward save against fire.

Heavy armor + enchanted shield + 4+ ward save talisman could be an other combo for a 3+/4+ save.

Black Gem of Gnar is worthless 'cause your are not going to accept challenge with your sorcerer, a ward save would be nice…

What the point of giving champions to your hobgobelins? Even banner, i think it’s dispendable for canon flesh^^

Il would take more bowgob and less sneaky gitz. Bowgob in hordes will be more efficient IMHO.

Bull centaurs deserve fire attacks thought… Maybe adding eternal flame banner?


Too many toys and not enough grunts for 8th imo. You want at least 2 units of 24 CD warriors I think, preferably 30+ with great weapons. They kill stuff good.

Is the Lord even worth it? 200pts to kill 4 guys a turn max doesn’t sound like a great return to me, and Ld 10 can be gained easily in RH. For his points, you could get a whole unit.

Not sure the armoured Hobgobs are worth it, for the same points you could have an awful lot of naked slaves. 40 Hobgobs with nothing but a musician is very handy for redirecting/tarpitting/removing enemy steadfast.

Are 20 archers worth it? For the same points, you could just add another Death Rocket/Earthshaker…

Black Gem of Gnar is worthless 'cause your are not going to accept challenge with your sorcerer, a ward save would be nice…
Black Gem has nothing to do with challenges, it just works. If a lone monster solo charges the unit, it doesn’t get to fight and auto-loses to ranks and banner. It also protects the Sorcerer from harm for one round, regardless. I would take a ward too, though.
Il would take more bowgob and less sneaky gitz. Bowgob in hordes will be more efficient IMHO.
Not when the Lv4 buffs them with shadow magic :wink: Also, missile troops have less chances to shoot in 8th, with the increased charge moves; combine that with the removal of +1 to hit large targets and archers look pretty pointless. They don’t even count towards Core.


Bull centaurs deserve fire attacks thought... Maybe adding eternal flame banner?

Definitely agree here. So many big things out there with regen it will pay itself back many times over... Probably.

I think Baggronor has a good point on your lord. However, if I were to keep it I'd kit him with ToPreservation, Crown of Command and a GW + Whatever you'd want(HA + Dragonhelm might be nice to have). Sure it aint cheap but being stubborn with LD10 + BSB means this unit isn't going anywhere till its dead.

I also would advocate fielding unequiped hobos. Numbers are what you want with these guys.


I’m not convinced by the sneaky gitz: I2 is a huge handicap though…

What about 2hordes of bow gobs and 2bands of hobgob naked? I don’t see the point of giving light armour and shield to hobgoblins, they are expensive and they aren’t more resistant when fighting real warriors. Bowgobs units can cause many casualties (y?) during the approach and during the charge phase. Combined to lore of shadow, lore of metal that’s sound good. An other point for the bowgobs: it’s the only source of middle distance firepower in the army: blunderbuss only shot at 15 after mooving and artillery can’t fire when the target is too close.

Maybe you should take 2X30bowgobs with just musician and 20sneaky gits with complet command squad?