[Archive] 2000pt. "Stretching It" tournament army


ok, its just over a week until the tournament at the local hobby shop, and I finally got around to writing up an army list.��Unfortunately, I’ve had to build the army list from the models I have, not the other way around (the proper way one might say).��I’d love to hear any suggestions, but bear in mind that I still need to finish painting about half of this army (though time permitting, I am willing to add/change some units).��So here’s what I have:

Sorcerer Lord

Level 4, Black Gem, talisman of protection, powerstone, dispel scroll.


Level 2, Chalice of Darkness


Level 2, 2x dispel scroll.

20 Warriors

Full command, War Banner

15 Blunderbusses

Full command

15 Blunderbusses

Full command

10 Hobbo Wolf Riders


2 Hobbo Bolt Throwers

2 Death Rockets

1 Earthshaker

4 Ogre Ironguts (DOW)

Unit Champion, Standard

And yes, I am feeling a bit naked without any Hobbo meat shields…:h


Hi there,

I like this list. A bit too much magic for my personal playing style, (no lvl 4 sorc, rather a fighty BSB), but I guess this will work quite fine.

I would advise you to drop one of the Death Rockets and get something like 40 naked Hobbos for it, but I guess you thought about this yourself. Not enough ready for battle? (You could ask one of your friendly Orcs&Goblins players to lend you some of his gobbos for the tourament? Or do some fast-painting on BfSP night gobbos?)


Hi there,

Yeah, a shield of hobbos is something I’d love, but alas I haven’t got the models. Unfortunately, I don’t know and O&G players, and fast painting is something I just can’t do. I decided that since I haven’t got the fightyest army, I’d go for shooty.


you could shave models by making the ironguts maneaters. stubborn+4 attacks+str7=gold. and ws4 to boot.



as far as I know, the Maneaters cost you 2 rare choices when taken as DoW. So grunts would have to drop the earthshaker.


They do. They aint worht it. Personally I dont think any ogres are worth it but that is just me.

- Tallhat


well he could consider lead belchers… they would be more shooty…

i’d also drop the chalice for a stone and a scroll… @2K the chalice will not affect thing very much…

I’d also drop the staff in favour of the black gem on the S. lord… saved my butt more than once…


I’d love to take leadbelchers, unfortunately not in the budget :frowning: After playtesting, I found the staff of sorcery isn’t really worth the points. I’ll take your advice, metro_gnome, and try the black gem.


OK, the tournament is tomorrow.��I’ve done a quick edit of the list above (nothing major, just some magic item changes).��Now the major issue is just getting the painting done!!!��I still have to finish 15 blunderbussers, and all three characters.��Oh…and apparently a few months back I told my roommate I’d paint his Bloodthirster, which he’s taking in the tournament, so there’s that as well.��Now let me add up the hours; the tourney starts at 11 tomorrow, and I will be off work at 5 today, thats 18 hours. Subtract 5 hours for sleep (I need to think to war), thats 13 hours.��Subtract 2 hours for my friend’s damn birthday party thats 11 hours.��Less another hour for washroom breaks (unless I pee in a bucket) thats 10 hours.��Skip dinner and breakfast and add 3 hours that I will give up on sleep thats 13 hours…AAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!! :sick


best of luck, may the coffee be with you.


Or Red Bull stuff that can keep you awake even through Eastenders! :sick


:slight_smile: Luckily I bought a small stockpile of NOS before they pulled it off the shelves for having an excessive amount of caffiene.


Or Red Bull stuff that can keep you awake even through Eastenders! :sick

lol @ gizlam!!!

I do most of my painting during the 'soap hours' how does it go now....

Home an away ch5
hollyoaks ch 4
Emmerdale ITV
'stenders BBC1

Yep, my wife has them on every day!

Good luck with the tournament grunts


Ok, thats over with. Lets just say that no sleep = lots of mistakes.

Round 1 vs. Tomb Kings.

Lets just say this. The earthshaker was saving my ass from 4 screaming skull catapult shots per turn (2 catapults plus 2 liche priests casting the “shoot again” spell) until turn 2 when both his tomb scorpions showed up and destroyed the earthshaker and a deathrocket. Low point of the game: scorpion swarm arriving on turn 2, scattering into my sorcerer lord’s unit and killing him. High point of the game: Ironguts charge the tomb lord’s chariot unit and cause 9 wounds. Lack of sleep play of the game: turning both units of blunderbusses around to ready for the tomb scorpions arriving. No point to this as the scorpions can charge right away anyways, all it did was give two of my sorcerers no line of sight. Outcome: I was Massacred.

Battle 2 - Buy. There was an odd # of people so I ended up getting a buy this round.

Battle 3 vs. Ogre Kingdoms.

Blunderbusses against ogres = pointless. High point of the game: Utter magical domination. 3 maneaters destroyed in 1 round. Low point of the game: Only had two rounds to shoot at him, nuff said. Lack of sleep play of the game: Why oh why did I set up on the 12" line?? Outcome: I was Massacred by 5 points.

All in all not too good, if fact really bad. But at least I have best painted.