[Archive] 2000pts CD (using Dwarf rules)

The Nicktator:

So, apparently I can’t use the current Ravening Hordes CD list in my area. That’s cool, I wasn’t all that impressed and I don’t much like hobgoblins anyways. I decided on using dwarf rules and whipped up a 2k list for an upcoming tourney, and this is what I’m working with at the moment. It’s meant to be a well-balanced competetive list with a defensive playstyle. I’ve listed what each unit is representing in game-terms in square brackets. Suggestions would be appreciated.


Sorceror [Runesmith] (General): 2x runes of spellbreaking, rune of stone, great weapon - 129

Goes with the Immortals.

Hero [Thane]: bsb, mro gromril, rune of striking, rune of striking/2x rune of speed - 135

Goes with the Longbeards.


25 Warriors: full command, shields - 250

25 Warriors: full command, shields - 250

19 Longbeards: shields, full command, master rune of grungi - 303 points

10 Blunderbussers [Thunderers]: shields - 150


19 Immortals [Hammerers]: full command, rune of courage - 288

Earthshaker [Cannon]: rune of forging - 125

Stone Thrower [Grudge Thrower]: rune of accuracy, rune of reloading, engineer - 130 points

Bolt thrower: Engineers - 60

Bolt thrower: Engineers - 60


Death Rocket


I am curious what your “area” is that is not allowing you to use the list.


the hobytown USA by my house won’t let me either

so i go the extra 10 miles to the Games Workshop store by me