[Archive] 2000pts Indy list(1)


Lv 4 High Priest, Hell Armour, Dispell scroll, hexacon of hashut (shadow)

Hobgoblin chieftain-Daemon eyes, light armour, enchanted shield, amulet of hashut, shrieking blade (in rabble unit)

Slavemaster-BSB, shield, Banner of Zharr Naggrund (in obsidian guard)

18x Annihilators, shields+FC
17x Annihilators, shields+FC

20xobsidian guard, GW +FC, Warbanner
2x Spear chukkas





Obsidian guard? My Hashut! Where have they gone?!!!

Otherwise good, but the annihilators arent very good in 8th edition IMO. Maybe a second earthshaker? More warriors? I dont have much experience with the indy list.


The range of the annihilators are to short, you can probably shoot only ones and where you’re lucky twice in a game. I would use normal warriors and more spear chukkas. As for another eartshaker, I’m not sure. I’ve tried one eartshaker a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t impress me.


Obsidian guard are in now, oops!

Yeah I have thought about swapping the annihilators out for GW warriors.

Having the shield option helps Annihilators out a lot, and I have gotten lucky with getting mindrazzor off on them lately.

I might swap them out latter when I have the models though.


Rabble cannot have any characters join them. So you need to find another role for that Hobgoblin Chiefton.


“Additionally, characters with the Slave Lords special rule may not join a unit of rabble”

Nope still legal to field a hobgob character in a rabble unit, unless you were referring to another rule or an errata.

On another note, I played the army yesterday and won!

It was a slow grinding affair against some lizardmen but I eventually broke through his flank, salamanders are scary.

richard barby:

stick with your guard and the 2 blunderbuss units in 8th there brilliant in 8th units are bigger bigger the unit bigger the mess when you shoot at them work in with it dropping there T so your wound rolls are 2+ (shadow spell). big units knights orges chariots bolt throwers and earthshakers can thin them down

stick the hogboglin iside the guard ( not really a fluff thing to do ) but you can hide the mage from combat 5 wide bsb 3 full command and hobgoblin and you can still cast useing the true line of sight rule