[Archive] 2000pts Using Dwarf Rules

Creepy Dwarf:

Well here’s my first go at some CD’s using the normal dwarf rules for tournament reasons, i have converted up my lord and i quite like him!

Gaz Blackbeard the Cruel,

Dwarf Lord - 276

Great Weapon

Rune of Fortitude

Master Rune of Gromril

Rune of Resistance

Rune of Stone

Rune of Brotherhood

Makmahraz Blackbeard the Harsh

Thane - 160

Battle Standard Bearer

Master Rune of Adamant

Rune of Stone

Rune of Cleaving

Bazgroff Whitebeard the Merciless

Runesmith - 149

Great weapon

Master Rune of Balance

Rune of Spellbreaking

Grahhk Whitebeard the Cold

Runesmith - 149

Great Weapon

3 Runes of Spellbreaking

The Blackbeard Scout’s, Gaz’s Lads

24 Miners - 314

Full Command

Steam Drill

The Warriors of the Grey Beard

23 Dwarf Warriors - 278

Full Command

Great weapons


The Hunters of the Red Beard

15 Quarreller Rangers - 235

Full Command

Great Weapons



Bolt Thrower - 60

Master Engineer

Death and Darkness

2 Grudge throwers - 240

Master Engineers

Rune of Accuracy

Rune of Penetrating

Dr. Ukbaaz the Mad

Gyrocopter - 140

I plan to give all of my characters dawi zarr beards and convert all of my infantry units using beasts of chaos parts, the miners will be heavily converted warriors. Bolt thrower will be well a bolt thrower, the grudge throwers will be flame cannons because they look more mechanised and the gyrocopter will be heavily converted to male it look like it was looted.

Thoughts ideas?



This post ended up being longer than I thought. So be warned :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if I really understand the basic concept behind your list. This army will follow all the rules for dwarfs and will be just painted/converted to make it look evil (like chaos dwarfs)? If “yes” then:

- The runes on your heroes needs some (gentle?) touch. You probably misspelled something, because your lord have 4 armour runes and Rune of Stone is redundant in presence of Master Rune of Gromril. Also, it’s better to take shieldbearers and Rune of Stone. Instead of Fortitude take Master Rune of Spite. Seriously place him on shieldbearers - the best choice for any dwarf general.
- The BSB is ok. If you want him to have better save, then give him (now freed) Master Rune of Gromril and Rune of Resistance.
- Runesmiths needs Runes of Stone and shields. They can keep the GW for options in combat. I think that 4 spellbreakers and balance is OTT. Why not just 2 spellbreakers and balance for the other one (or one spellbreaker = cheaper).
Now I think that the Runesmith with the Master Rune of Balance is redundant. Unless of course you’ll be facing 10+ Power Dice armies. But then again, for that Anvil of Doom will be better.

- Firstly you don’t have enough core choices! For 2000 pts you need minimum 3 core choices. Miners are special. Also they’re too big, better take smaller units - whether they will show up or not is random. You don’t want nearly 1/4 your points to be buried underground and dig up on turn 5/6, don’t you?
- I prefer only shields on my dwarfs, since the higher armor save is so much better. And helps you keep the static combat resolution.
- Points on Quarrellers are wrong, you forgot to pay 1pt/model for Ranger upgrade (or for shields, whatever). Still, why not make them Thunderers? In the future if you want to convert/use them as Blunderbusses you will already have the guns on your dwarfs.
- Take more troops and less heroes. Why not take two units of 10 Thunderers instead of this one big costly ranger unit? This will help with the core requirements.

War Machines:
- The “champions” are called Engineers, while Master Engineers are actually characters, so you might want to erase the “master” part from your list. Also Bolt Throwers are two for one special slot - sounds like a bargain to me. Don’t forget that Rune of Burning makes the attacks magical just for 5 pts. And Rune of Penetrating changes an ordinary Bolt Thrower into a chariot-auto-killer.
- If both Grudge Throwers have Runes of Accuracy and of Penetrating, then it’s not allowed, since you have to give them different runic combinations. But why not take one cannon or even better a nice unit? Hammerers are quite good being stubborn and if you convert them from plastics and give them sledgehammers they could be your future Immortals.
- Have you considered Organ Gun over Gyrocpoter? It’s just a suggestion.

Whoa, congrats for everyone who followed the post to this point. Have a slave, give him a good beating and have a catharsis or whatever :hat off