[Archive] 2009 is upon us!


I want to take this opportunity to wish all CDO community members a very happy and joyous new year.

May 2009 be a prosperous and wonderful year for each of you!

If we want to add substance to this thread, why not share the following:

1. Your plans for midnight!

2. What you’re drinking to ring in 2009! :cheers

3. Your resolution (for the first month at least)!

With love,


(ok ok, Sojourn ;))


midnight, will be spent kissing the wife and making noise…

I will drink Sprite or 7-up… I don’t drink alchohol

resolution, to keep my temper in check.


Nothing, nothing and nothing.


Ring in the new year with the Beach Boys:

1. None yet, 2. Not sure, 3. Paint Chaos Dwarfs? … :slight_smile:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Hah, 2008 was a shitty year for me, so I’m glad it’s finally over! :slight_smile:

1) nothing

2) bacardi

3) fix a date for my next vacation (my last one was in April! yikes)

Godbob and his jolly rogers:

Thanks Sojourn

1.Over friends for party

2.Something containing sugar for when I have to do something like karoke or dance mat (dislike achole, I know boo!!)

3.To finishes one of my many converstion projects

Hashut’s Blessing:

midnight, will be spent kissing the wife and making noise..

This is a family site for family people!

Merry new tidings to all!

I shall be at home with at least one friend. nobody else is coming any more! I invited about two dozen lol. Bad Sojourn and Mr. Xander for not saying yes!

Drinking: might as well pop open the Gaymer's me family got me for Christams, though I might go half and half to make a pint using Ouzo.

Resolution: Attempt to find me, try to learn to live and try to achieve.


  1. putting the finishing touches on WoH #3

    2) Dixie Land Blackened Vodoo Beer

    3) cut out my rediculous Mt Dew consumption.

Kera foehunter:

#1- Spend some time with my first mate brian shoot guns at midnight !! Yes guns

then drink in the new year!!

#2 everyting !!!

# 3 be a nicer person


#1 With GF and friends

#2 Whatever I got in my hand at the moment

#3 Get a playable 6-700pts CD army? :stuck_out_tongue:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Kera, is impossible for you to be nicer :wink:


Somehow this is appropriate to this thread


Happy new year everyone! :cheers:

1. with family and friends.

2. have had a few beers!

3. get a good run with making some Chaos Dwarfs!


so many people don’t like alcohol… I got your back! :wink:

I hope Brian can run and cover Kera! watch where you shoot! :stuck_out_tongue:

Kera foehunter:

Willmark  you are disturbed!!!

hb yes i can be nicer!!

Sojourn  we’ll be out in the country!! i will not shoot if im drinking

so we’ll not start drinking untill after 12am  becase it still be 08!!



Actually, going to update mine:

1) Watch Bladerunner (final cut) on Bluray. I first saw BR around 89 or so on New Years Eve, so its a bit of a tradition. I bought an HD version of it a year ago and still have yet to watch it. But TONIGHT things will change!

2) Redbull and Bombay Sapphire Gin, some Jagermeister and perhaps, a tot of Laguvulin (just the 16 year - saving the 20 year for a special occasion)

3) I know better…


happy new year every one

Kera foehunter:

year it 2009 the year of the chaos dwarf !!


Happy 2009 guys!

1. Just had the family round, got everyone onthe Wii Fit…was rather hillarious :slight_smile:

2.I was drinking the atmosphere …ok ok ok…peach schnapps :wink:

3. To pass my GCSEs, and to finally go down to GW headquarters (they have been asking me for months…but iv never got around too it :/)

- Warplock


  1. I spent new years ice skating with friends, then heading back to a friend’s house where we played games and drank heavily until midnight. Only awkward thing was that I had two exes there, along with the girl I’m interested in

    2) Well I started on beer and whisky, then moved on to raiding the cellar. We had quite a nice vintage champagne for midnight and a 20 year old Ricard from then on.

    3) Resolutions, damn I’ve got so many

    - Get back from injury and back on the rugby pitch

    - Get my friend B to let me take her out and make a decent man of me

    - Live every day to the best I can

    - manage my diet and fitness better