[Archive] 2250 against brets?


I’m going to be facing off against a Bret played at my local club in a few weeks time.��Since I have a few weeks I thought that i would specifically tailor my 2250 list with input from hashuts finest!!�� :hat off

Since you guys have lots and lots of experience at facing off against bret id really appreciate your input :smiley:

He said hes going to use grail knights so I’ll need something to combat that!!

2 S6 attacks, 2+ save, 5+ ward. Immune to psycology, pretty much god knights…

Thommy H:

Bolt throwers ought to give them a few headaches. Imagine sending a bolt through an entire column of those fellas…


Earthshakers would be very useful. Making the knights not able to march can really hurt them. Sneaky gits would help also as poison negates the 2+ armour!