[Archive] 2250 army list for tourny


here is my army list for a rogue trader that i will be attending this weekend.

i know of 2 dwarf armies, a khorne warrior army, khemri, daemons, beastmen, vampire counts, bretts will be attending along with empire

here is my list.

cd lord on bull taurus

w/grt weapon, armor of furnance.

cd hero w/ guantlets of b the cruel, xtrahand weapon and armor of gazrakh. (general)

cd bsb

cd scroll caddie (2 scolls lvl 1)

17 bb w/ champion an banner ( BSB ) 4 combat resolution

17 bb with champion and banner (war banner/sorcerer) 4 cr

24 cd warriors w/ fc hand weapon/shield (general)

15 black orcs w/fc

20 hobgoblins w/ light armor and shield

20 hobgoblins w/ light armor and shield

20 hobgoblins w/ light armor and shield

10 naked hobgoblins

10 naked hobgoblins

6 bullcentaurs w/champion

3 bolt throwers

1 earthshaker

the plan is to have the bull centaurs and bull taurus dominate a flank.

for the boltthrowers to murder units of knights and monsters/chariots

the earthshaker to disrupt the enemy battle line.

and for the hobgoblins divert charges and have the enemy infantry disappear amongst my 7 infantry units (9 with bait units)

and if the infantry cant break the enemy via combat res, then they hold out till my giant monster comes to help.



Nice list, just a couple of quick suggestions:

If you have points give the lord on Taurus a shield, for just 3 points you give 3+ AS against shooting, it could help.

I’d give the warbanner to warriors, they are the real tarpit of the army. They do not have to loose!

Last but not the least, get rid of one large unit of hobgoblins and get a 4th bolt thrower, I think 4 is the minimum to really influence the battle. With spare points you can give a hammer of hashut to the Taurus lord or beef hobgoblin units with an extrarank, add another 10 hobbos unit… up to you.

Did you tooled up to the theet you BSB? He needs every protection you could give him… heavy armor and shield.

Why not Gem of Gnar? They charge your unit with uber fighting vampire/lord, you freeze him with gem and win with 3 ranks, banner, SBSB, warbanner, outnumber…:idea