[Archive] 2250 "Cavalry" Army

Father Grumpmas:

The list is already submitted for the competition I’m in so I can’t change it but I thought I would post just to see if anybody have any comments that might is useful. The competition isn’t using the US GT FAQ so my bull centaurs count as “mounted” -only +1 ST with GW but +1 AS for being mounted.


Ironhelm Skullsplitter : Bull Centaur Lord (170), Shield (3), Armour of the Furnace (45) 263

Black Hammer of Hashut (45)


Gorehoof Deathdealer: Bull Centaur Hero (100), Heavy Amour (4), Great weapon (4)

Enchanted shield (10) 118

Tharkan the Grim: Chaos Dwarf Hero (60), BSB (25), Armour of Gazrakh (30) 135

Sword of Might (20)

Razkan the Vile (Army General): Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer (65), Level 2 (35) 150

2 Dispell Scrolls (50)

Character Total 666

Core Troops

Gorgoth Guard: 20 Chaos Dwarfs (180), Full Command (30) 210   

Gorgoth Rifles: 10 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses


Ziggurat Rifles: 10 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses 120

The Darkland Despoilers: 29 Hobgoblins (58), Light armour (29) Shields (29) 146

Full Command (30)

Sher-khans Wolf Marauders: 10 Hobgoblins (20) Light armour (10), shields (10), Wolves (90) 190

Bows (30), Full Command (30)

Da Scum Bagz: 12 Hobgoblins 024

Core Total 814

Special Troops

The Bolta Boyz: 2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 60

The Shoota Boyz: 1 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers 30

The Obsidian Guard: 20 Black Orcs, Full Command 298

Special Total 388

Rare Troops

Hashut�?Ts Chosen: 10 Bull Centaurs (200), Heavy Armour (10), Full Command (45) 280

War Banner (25)

Hashut�?Ts Raiders: 5 Bull Centaurs (100), Heavy Armour (5) 105

Rare Total 385

Army Total 2249

puppet host:

this looks like a nice army i suggest drop the full command on the dark land despoilers hobgoblins and get another bolt thrower for your shotta boyz bolt thrower unit

puppet gathering:

this looks like a great list and those 2 bc units would be nasty to fight against, and i have personaly never used black orcs in my games but please let me know how they go.


Looks good I’d say drop the level on the sorcerer you wont get any spells of at this point size so drop the level and get another bolt thrower otherwise id say its a good list.