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Thommy H:

I'm not sure if the hob gobbos on wolves will be worth the points I spend on them
Oh they will! Best unit in the game, my friend.
Hopefully the opponent runs a big nasty dragon into it in order to get rid of my only bluss unit and finds himself beaten by 4! I know most poeple run units of 2 but, well, im just not to sure how good blunderbusses are.
The big problem is that blunderbusses are almost totally ineffective against a single large target like that - they can only hit it once. I'd run two, in bigger units, and use the Warriors in that role (you might as well).
Other then that i think its pretty standard, please give me some feed back.
Yeah, it is. There's not a huge amount of variation in the list though, and this seems pretty balanced as it goes. If you have to drop anything, I'd say lose the Bull Centaurs. As much as I love them, they really aren't that good and you should only really include them if you have points to spare.


Cheers for the advice mate!

the idea with the bluunders is that the opponent would want to nullify my only unit of them, so I would use the sorcerer to prevent it… essentially using it as bait for big monsters.

good to see my faith in fast cav supported. I thought they would be handy in the army, however the low LD and panic check vulnerability is a problem… one I could easly take care of with my lord on taurus which i only just realised after i posted the list

I’ll play a few games an report back, thanks for the advice yet again.


Against a single target the blunderbusses can have all the model on the front line fire at it, my 7x3 would get 7 shots at it. Personally I love my Blunderbusses but my first tournament with them 3 games and they never got a shot off, people there avoided them like a vegetarian at a cattleman’s convention.

I then to take more shooting hobgoblins. They shouldn’t kill as much as they do for me and I’m mainly using them to screen the blunderbusses from missile/magic fire until they can unleash their violence on the opponent.


Well I’v been looking at my list for the last hour thinking of how to include 2 blunderbuss units, and I think I figured it out… what if i just ran the mages for defensive purposes? as in, both lvl1? 2 lvl 2’s isnt exactly a solid magic phase anyway, so is there any point to having the upgrade? or should i just get my 2 scrools, 4 Ddice, the gem, and rely on my shooting and combat??


You really don’t want to know about my magic phase. It’s wicked.

Level 1 wizards in my opinion are a waste as you can never use all your power dice. You would need at least one level 2.

OK, my 2250 list and you better be sitting down. :slight_smile:


Sorcerer Lord (level 4) General, Talisman of Protection, Black Hammer of Hashut, Scroll

Sorcerer (Level 2) Sword of Battle, Scroll

Sorcerer (Level 2) Sword of Might, Scroll

Sorcerer (Level 2) Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel, Scroll


21 Warriors - Handweapon, Shield, Full Command, Banner of Slavery

21 Warriors - Handweapon, Shield, Full Command, War Banner

21 Blunderbuss

10 Hobgoblin Bow

10 Hobgoblin Bow

10 Hobgoblin Bow

30 Hobgoblins Light Armor, Handweapon Shield, Full Command


30 Sneaky Gits Full Command

2 Hobgoblin Bolt Throwers

1 Death Rocket


1 Earth Shaker Cannon

Too heavy Magic I know.

Look up Swissdictator, he has a nice and balanced 2250 tournament Choas Dwarf List.

Thommy H:

Against a single target the blunderbusses can have all the model on the front line fire at it, my 7x3 would get 7 shots at it.
No they can't.


Yes they can. If only one model then Blunderbusses can choose to shoot the entire front row instead of all under template.

Thommy H:

This is the second time I’ve had this conversation in as many days…

Where does it say that? Are you sure you aren’t mixing up the out of date rules from White Dwarf presents: Chaos Dwarfs with the current rules from Ravening Hordes?


I read it in an old FAQ I’ll have to look to see if I can find it again.

Da Crusha:

I’m agreeing with you tommy H.


I’ve never heard of that Rule, Bilbo.

It’s not RH-approved.