[Archive] 2250 First Time Ever I'm Excited w000t!11


1 Chaos Dwarf Lord @ 213 Pts

General; Shield

Sword of Battle

Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel

Armour of the Furnace

1 Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer @ 115 Pts

Magic Level 1

Dispel Scroll

Dispel Scroll

1 Chaos Dwarf Hero @ 94 Pts

Heavy Armour

Sword of Might

Enchanted Shield

1 Bull Centaur Hero @ 134 Pts

Great Weapon

Armour of Gazrakh

23 Chaos Dwarf Warriors @ 262 Pts

Heavy Armour; Shield; Command

War Banner

23 Chaos Dwarf Warriors @ 237 Pts

Heavy Armour; Shield; Command

18 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss @ 216 Pts

18 Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss @ 216 Pts

23 Hobgoblins @ 46 Pts

24 Hobgoblins @ 48 Pts

1 Death Rocket @ 80 Pts

20 Black Orcs @ 293 Pts

Armed to the Teeth; Command

7 Bull Centaurs @ 185 Pts

Great Weapon; Light Armour; Shield;Command

1 Earthshaker @ 110 Pts

So, I’m not sure about a couple things. First, I don’t know if I want two units of hobgob meatshields (I’m a Skaven player, big fan of non-panic-causing, cheap units), or if I want to take some archers as well.

Second, is 18 a good number for BBs? I figure 6x3 gives me a wide fire zone along with S5. Is my logic faulty at all?

Third, would it be cool to take a unit of DoW ogres as opposed to BCs? Would they be as effective? I’d prolly take 4 ogres with GW and drop the BC hero in favor of another sorc.



Renember that compaired with skaven chaos dwarf is very slow moving e.g you general is very easy avoided - you should e.g take a BC lord or a sorcerer lord.

No BSB ? and no bolts - hobgob bolts are some of the best in our list. Also a unit hobgob wolfs is very good to have.


6x3 is great for BBs.

I’d drop the death rocket and take some Bolt Throwers, or at least find room for some BTs! :stuck_out_tongue: Where are your characters sitting? I like to take two units of 17 BBs with a Sorcerer in each one, one unit of Warriors with a Hero as General, and maybe a Lord on a Taurus.

Gauntlets of Bazhrakk the Cruel are painful is he is within a unit. It works much better on the BC Hero, giving him chariot busting Strength 7 with his great weapon, so long as he is not in your BC unit.


Hmm, whenever my O&G friend plays his BTs they never do much, but I guess I could take two with some points left over as opposed to a rocket.

Hobgob wolfs disappoint me. No spears? Eww.

Now that I’ve thought about it those gauntlets do sound like they could cause me some pain. The lord would go in a unit of CDWs, as would the hero. I’d probably place the sorc in with some BBs. BC goes w/BCs. I definitely see how a fighty CD lord would be easily avoided, I usually do the same to my friend’s Dwarfs with my VC and Skaven (too bad he can’t avoid my Vamp). I don’t want to take a sorc lord, I’m coming off of a long time playing VC (no shooting, lots of magic).

Okay, here’s what I think I’ll change after re-thinking it:

Drop lord in favor of hero general w/Sword of Might and Armour of Gazrakh

Add another sorc, make him Lvl 2, give him Power Stone and Dispel Scroll (taking a scroll from the other, so 2 for the army)

Make BC hero naked w/GW

Add 2 BTs

123pts left. I’ve already cleared it with my friends to be able to use Sneaky Gits as skirmishers with minimum size 5+, would they be a good addition? 2x poisoned attacks sound swell.