[Archive] 2250 list(1)


well I will be playing my friend in a game next week ( tomb kings player. his army is really chariot heavy). so tell me what you think

Chaos dwarf lord

black hammer of hashut

talisman of protection

enchanted shield

gauntlests of bazhrakk

chaos hero

armor of furnace

chaos sorcerer

level 2

dispel scroll

centaur hero

sword of might

armor of gazrakh

12 blunderbusses

12 blunderbusses

20 cd

full command great weapons

20 cd

full command heavy armor and shield

20 cd

full command heavy armor and shield

12 hobgoblins


15 hobgoblins


10 hobgoblins


2 bolt throwers

2 death rockets

1 earthshaker

6 bull centaurs

full command

heavy armor


i think you need more magic i would suggest drop the dwarf lord and bull centuar hero and put another sorcerer and bull centuar lord to lead your bulls into battle