[Archive] 2250 List, first attempt


Hi guys! I would have made an introduction, but I couldn’t find it. Anyway, this is my first try at a list, so be kind.:hat off I plan on starting Chaos Dwarves, and also play Lizardmen. I might start another army at some point as well. Anywho, here’s my list.


Sorceror-lvl. 4-225


Sorceror-lvl. 2-100

Hero-BSB, heavy armor-89

Hero-heavy armor, shield, great weapon-68


3 x 10 Warriors-Blunderbusses-360

20 Warriors-standard, musician-200

24 Warriors-standard, musician-236

19 Warriors-standard, musician, Great Weapon-229

(Ok, the next unit is against the rules, but I play in a friendly enviroment, and I think Chaos Dwarves need to be cut a little slack here)

2 x 5 Hobgoblins-wolves, musician, bows, light armor, shield-160

10 Hobgoblins-bows, musician-60


2 x 10 Sneaky Gits-standard, musician-160

4 Bolt Throwers-140


2 Earthshakers-220



I hope to get a game in today, but before I do, I have to finish homework and yardwork, and I would like to hear your tohughts first anyway. :slight_smile:


10 man BB squads are practicaly useless, they don’t have ebough shots to make an effect and are too weak to doo much, try two units of 15 instead for more effect.


10 man BB squads are practicaly useless, they don't have ebough shots to make an effect and are too weak to doo much, try two units of 15 instead for more effect.

Just out of curiousity, do you mean less effective by strength? Because its not shots per man, its strength per rank. Theres always a set amount on shots. Am I right? Thank you for the comment, though. :)


because you have a 12" range, a small frontage so you’ll likely only get of one turn of shooting before you get countercharged, and those shots are S4

the BB needs to do alot of damage, fast, because they suck in combat and only get a single shot before there engaged.


I probably would not invest in the sneaky gits given for the same points, you could get 25 naked hobgoblins. I use hobgoblins in 2 ways, I use them in 10 man squads to claim corners help protect war machines and bait and flee (limited amount of panic). I use big units 30+ guys to provide and enormous amount of combat resolution for cheap (usually only give them a musician and keep them close to the general).

Instead of sneaky gits, I usually go for orcs with additional choppa for 7 points each.

You had two units of 5 hobgoblins mounted on wolves, but they have a minimum unit size of 10.

For your unit of 24 chaos dwarves, you might consider a war banner for 25 points and an additional combat resolution. When I play, I never really blow out my opponent, but I use a lot of static combat resolution (ranks, standard, weight) to help them to bounce off of my units.

The only other thing you might consider is making your battle standard bearer a bull centaur so you can move him around where you need him plus he is a bit tougher.

The 10 man blunderbusses are ok if you are playing low armor opponents (hoard armies), but if you are playing heavy armored opponents then I would go with three ranks.

My $0.02