[Archive] 2250 List for comments


For an upcoming tourney, built to face all comers and not over the top

General - dwarf hero with 1+ save and great weapon

Lord on taurus with black hammer and armor of furnace

Lull centaur hero, heavy armor, great weapon, gauntlets

Sorcerer with 2 scrolls

3x10 naked hobgobs - born to flee

10 hobgob wolf riders - slingshot centaur hero and bait charges

2x 16 blunderbussers

20 chaos dwarfs with with great weapon, standard, champ

24 chaos dwarfs with standard and champ (lord here)

2x hobgoblin bolt throwers

death rocket


8 bull centaurs, champion


What do you mean by slingshot?

Looks pretty sound. Just keep the hobgoblins out of the fire arc of the blunderbusses. I admire anyone who uses a death rocket, those things are sweet!

You might consider more hobgoblin bolt throwers though. You wouldn’t have to drop too many other units, and it might mean that they’re a threat, rather than an annoyance.


What do you mean by slingshot?

Bull Centaur hero will be fast cav with the wolves, so they can start behind a unit like hobgobs, and whip around to a point where he can charge out of the unit into a warmachine or flank of a cav unit. Fast cav can also move after a rally from voluntary flee, so with his Ld they can bait and flee repeatedly.

Was recently considering that a unit can increase their frontage by 5 for half a move, so my 16 blunderbussers could go from 6 to 11 wide and still get St.4 shots.


Played this list last night and got tore up by a nasty chaos army… demon prince of slaneesh, 2 level 2 casters, 4 units of 5 marauders with flails, 2 chariots, dragon ogres, minotaurs, chosen chaos knights… blunders do NOTHING on small units like this, my cannon misfired first turn and was dead by the second… it was fugly.


ugh… I hate chaos for that… Some people say the Anvil of Doom is overpowered, I say Chaos is overpowered.

Lepreh Khan:

You’ve also put a lot of points into the Great Weapon Warrior unit. I typically run 2 x 25 Warriors w/ Hw & shield, and only 1 BB unit of 19 (I put my sorcerer in here).

Also, the BC Hero is meant for combat. If you’ve bought him just for his Leadership to rally the wolfboyz, then it seems to me like you’ve spent a lot of points to do so. Who are you hoping to charge with once your enemy takes the bait? The only ones that I can see making a charge would be the Bull Centaurs, and they can outcharge most things anyways and wouldn’t need to have a unit bait them. Use the Fast cav for archer/warmachine hunting or as a flanking unit instead and you’ll get more use out of them.

-Lepreh Khan