[Archive] 2250 list tournament owner


hi everyone this list if followed right will rip shreds in tournaments so have a look through its worth it for sure::cheers


sorcerer lord: lv 4 wizard, 2 dispell scrolls



sorcerer: lv 2 wizard, dispell scroll


sorcerer: lv 2 wizard, dispell scroll



25 warriors: great axe’s 275pts

25 warriors 225pts

12 warriors: blunderbuss 144pts

12 warriors: blunderbuss 144pts

40 hobs 80pts

34 hobs 72pts


4x death rockets 320pts


2x earthshaker 220pts

i have gone through 7 games in a row undefeated use the hobs to bait the incoming fire. another great tip i learnt about is keep a notebook handy when you play as when you fire your rockets and cannons write down your first guess at your shot and write down how many inches you where off by for the next turn. so good luck everyone :cheers


A nice roster, but IMHO it could be tweaked a bit. I see no point in having such big hobbo unit, I’d rather split them into four smaller ones. And you have one hero slot left - perfect for a bullcentaur BSB!

Also, I’d drop great weapons. With 5(6?) attacks, it won’t do you too much good, and a 3+save is much better, AND cheaper.

Never played with 6 blasts, could be fun, but I like bolts more. Not that they are too mighty, just cheap.

puppet host:

you have a couple of good points but the great axe’s unit is the perfect unit to destroy heavy armoured troops and thats there purpose i would say. and it is a good idea to drop the 4 death rockets and get 8 bolt throwers and a dwarf hero