[Archive] 2250 - March of the Hobos


Hey guys!

So here is a personal take on the new CD list.

I hope you like it!

So im about 24 points short, any thoughts on were I should spend them?

Also, Does it look viable? Would love to actually git a Fireborn unit as well as another Rocket, but I guess you cant get everything ^^

1 Sorcerer-Prophet @ 350.0 Pts

General; Lore of Hashut; Magic Level 4; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour

Enchanted Shield

Talisman of Preservation

1 Infernal Castellan @ 197.0 Pts

Blackshard Armour; Shield; Battle Standard

The Mask of the Furnace

50 Hobgoblin Cutthroats @ 283.0 Pts

Bow; Throwing Knives; Light Armour; Shield; Standard

50 Hobgoblin Cutthroats @ 283.0 Pts

Bow; Throwing Knives; Light Armour; Shield; Standard

22 Chaos Dwarf Inferal Guard @ 338.0 Pts

Blackshard Armour; Shield; Standard; Musician

Banner of Slavery

1 Deathmask

1 K’daai Destroyer @ 325.0 Pts

1 Hellcannon @ 205.0 Pts

1 Magma Cannon

1 Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher @ 100.0 Pts

Models in Army: 132

Total Army Cost: 2226.0


2 units of hobs for 283pts each ^^

If I fight against you, it is my first target !

I would have seen one big unit, and two small ones (one on each flank of the army) while the biggest one keeps near my prophet to use his Ld ?


This is very close to what I am building towards. I’m going for two units of 20 and one of 50, then one block of dawi, and the same weapon fits, swapping out Kdaii when I finish this damned competition. . .

Time of Madness:

I like it, I would make a couple of changes though.

When taking hobgoblins in units of 50 I think light armour/shields is the way to go with them. Then you can then field both units in a 5X10 formation and put them on each side of the infernal guard to make full use of the banner and LD. If you drop the bows you’d have enough points for that extra shrieker :slight_smile:

Time of Madness

Groznit Goregut:

Wow! This list is very, very close to what I was thinking of taking. I think the bows on the Hobgoblins is a solid choice. That will be 35 shots from each unit per round. It should be enough hurt things.

Getting something to flank or another war machine isn’t bad, though. Hmmm…

I’m just glad we play at 2500 pts over here! It allows me to get a few more things in a similar list.


With the 24 pts, give something funky to your General. There must be some 20pt item which is of some use