[Archive] 2250 Points - "Pornoshooter" Army List


We’'ll have a Team Championships soon in Poland, and so I’ll bring ultracheesy and shooty Dawi Zharr.

What do you think of it (cause I’m not used to having no tough hobbo unit and bsb)?

Lord on Taurus

woodcutter, armor of furnace

3x sorcerer 2 lvl with 2xscroll each

15 blunderbuss

2x10 blunderbuss

2x20 naked hobbos

2x10 hobbos with bows

8 bolt throwers

2 shakers


Don’t expect any sportsmanship awards with that.


how unpleasent…
well you’ve wasted a ton of points in the taurus…
he struggles enough in CC… without support hes doomed…
get yerself a S. lord on foot… keeps the Ld 10 general with the army… and you can afford to bring a BSB…
with the gynormous amount of points saved get 20 man hobbo units… the place should be crawling with them…

the effect is like attacking a wet cardboard box…
a wet cardboard box that is blasting you with every shooting and magic phase…


Watch how you name topics please. I came in here thinking it was spam! :stuck_out_tongue:

I have adjusted the name slightly.


I ain’t leaving house without the taurus! Although it costs a lot, he gives this army one great thing - mobility. Cutting march, countering enemy flyers, flank charging, destroying remains of cavalry, cutting treemen down - he is indisponsable.

the team championships are taken in groups of five players, I’ll be with:

- antidefensive lizardmen with 2gen. slann, skinks skinks and terradons mostly

- typical beach patrol

- drawing tzeentchian daemonic legion

- monster truck wood elves


he gives this army one great thing - mobility.
[/url]It also gives your opponent a great thing- victory points :p. This is mainly due to his lack of support as mentioned above.

6 dispel scrolls is a waste of points IMO, why not go for some power stones?

This army really isn't any fun to play with either: gunlines struggle. If your opponent isn't totally destroyed by turn 2 then you're in big trouble.

Lepreh Khan:

The hobbos with bows are kind of a waste as well. You might as well get some more Hand weapons hobbos, they’ll do just as much good.


13:7 against empire; 63-37 team

10:10 against another chaos dwarfs, I won in small points! (there were 4 our armies overall, with 210 players); 38-62 team

2:18 against tomb kings; 52-48 team

10:10 against high elves (I should massacre them, but dice gods were against me); 41-59 team

13:7 against another empire (which hid his lector and two steam tanks against a humungeus obelisk) 70-30 team

We finished on 18th place, with 42 teams. We could have done much better, if not for 4th battle. Our bad luck! One earthshaker explodes on turn 1, enemy’s three IFs on comet (which of course fell down instanteusly)!