[Archive] 2250 vs High Elves


Just got back from my game against High Elves.

My list:

Great Taurus riding Lord w/ Hammer of Hashut and Armor of Furnace, with a shield

BSB with Armor of Gazarak

Lvl 2 Sorcerer w/ 2 scrolls.

Metal: 1 and 2.

Lvl 2 sorcerer with Staff or Sorcery.

Death: 2 and 4.

2 blocks of 25 warriors hw/sh and full command

Block of 24 with banner/musician.

14 Blunderbuss

14 Blunderbuss

6 Bull Centaurs Mu/Std Warbanner


He had:

Big Block of Swordmasters, 2 Blocks of Spears, a small unit of Woodsmen, a big unit of Silver Helms, small unit of Dragon Princes. He had one character: Teclis. Which caught me a little by surprise. Also one unit of archers, a unit of Lotheran seagaurd, and two eagles.

First turn move my Taurus Lord where it should be able to get some nice juicy flank charges, but couldn’t be charged due to rough terrain.

Bull Centaurs move up to a place where they can charge archers or spears.

Earth shaker drifts 10", but slows down the Dragon princes and a couple infantry units.

His turn he moves up, gets off some spell where S4 or less shots are meaningless.

My turn 2, I get a nice exposed flank of spear elves to charge with my Bull Centaurs. Taurus Lord charges the flank of Silverhelms. Earth shaker misfires, this turn and next no shooting.

Blunderbuss cause 14 wounds on Spear Elf unit (This is from one unit of Blunderbuss!) They pass their panic. Bull Centaurs chop through the Spear Elves quite nicely, but I roll a pathetic 5 on pursuit. However the spears run right in front of the Swordmasters, blocking them! Taurus runs into the flank of the Dragon Princes, only one Silver helm survived the onslaught so they never rally.

His turn three kinda has him in an awkward position. He tried charging his one eagle into the Great Taurus lord, but failed his fear check (he passed terror at the start of the turn). His one unit of spear rallies, and forms up just a little bit closer to the Bull Centaurs then the Swordmasters are (when they reform to face). He charges the decimated unit of spears into the blunderbuss, which despite getting four hits on the remaining six guys, fail to wound as I rolled four ones. Oh well, that makes up for the fantastic blast earlier. I kill one or two elves, but they hold.

My Great Taurus Lord breaks the unit of Dragon Princes, but isn’t able to catch them (which seems to be a consistent theme in this game). He does run into a nice place to charge the Lotheran Seaguard (Teclis’s unit) on my turn! My warrior units move up to counter any potential maneuvering by woodsmen or remaining eagle.

My turn the Taurus Lord charges the Seaguard in the rear, while the Bull Centaurs charge the spear elves. Blunderbuss kill one more spear elf, but they stick in. Taurus Lord breaks the Seaguard, but the seaguard run through Bull Centaurs. Taurus lord hits Swordmasters in the rear. Bull Centaurs lose a guy, but I kill enough to lose by just one. I pass using general’s leadership.

His turn, he rallies the Dragon Princes. Charges woodsmen into a unit of 25 warriors. I challenge with my champion, sacrificing him to opponent’s unit champ. Two other warriors are killed, though I kill one of his. He holds. Blunderbuss break unit of spears and pursue, though not catching them! The spear unit is well under 25% so automatically disperses.

My turn, blunderbuss charge into rear of remaining spear unit, greatly helping the Bull Centaurs who had lost another guy. My opponent manages to hold on, throwing all attacks on Bull Centaurs killing yet another one. Meanwhile my Lord has taken minor damage to himself and mount. First round of that fight he didn’t hit, second round his mount didn’t hit. Both rounds I managed to kill two or three though.

His turn, he charges his Dragon Princes into the Great Taurus. Spear Elves finally break, Bull Centaurs catch them and are in nice position. In the Great Taurus fight a challenge ensues, leaving only a Dragon Prince champ to attack Great Taurus Lord. He survived and beats the snot out of the DP champ. Swordmasters break.

Opponent concedes at this point as he and his son (20 something) need to get going.

Overall a good game, and a good opponent. It was his first game as High Elves, to be fair.

I’m loving my Chaos Dwarfs more and more though, I do love the Bull Centaurs so very much!


Congratulations on the win! Sounds like you used the Great Taurus very well. It was interesting to read a report with a dwarf only force.

thanks for the effort!


For this, the inquisition will reward you!