[Archive] 2400 indy list

richard barby:

just after a few thoughts and ideas on this list

level 4 mage on lammasu with armour of furnace helm of +1 d dice and scroll

bsb slaver with shiled and hell blade

daemonsmith shield and hexigon of hashut

20 warriors full command shields

20 warriors full command shields

15 blunderbusses banner

50 spear hobgoblins full command

5 wolfriders bows eyes muso

2 death rockets

1 earthshaker

4 golums face and construct wepion

lores lord fire smith metal i havent had time to read the others yet but i hear there good

general tactics ( that i forget after setting up terrain)

3 big guns to pound them a bit mage to get a few spells off thining numbers smith taking 0 spell against knights stanks its a must stop spell . and 3 big blocks to bounce off with the blunderbusses getting a one maybe 2 shots off in to any horde unit faceing them. and the golums just smash stuff


Personally , here are my thoughts.

High Priest: Consider him on foot and take shadow lore… Smoke and Mirrors is a great ability and the debuffing abilities will serve the army well against high strength stuff like Minotaurs and the like. I would also go with Arcane Apparatus on him for the extra attack and the Casting Dice. The Armour really isnt needed on him… i would consider taking the Talisman of Endurance before the Armour of the Furnace.

Slavemaster BSB: I would probably drop the kit you have take mundane Great Weapon, and Drop on the Banner of Zharr on that boy… The 5+ Ward is very nice kit indeed.

Daemonsmith. Would consider taking the Spell Shield and the Hexacon. I would also take a Second Daemonsmith in general. and kit him with the scroll and a decent ward save then put him on a daemoneater. Both with Shadow.

The Warriors are good… Consider adding 1 more model to both making them 21… as then you can go 7 wide with 2 ranks behind or a full 3 ranks at 5 wide… being as reforming is much easier and less detremental to your units its worth it… and has won me games. I personally take Great Weapons on the Warriors as while Parry is Nice… your Initiative is trash being a dwarf and going last is what you should expect to do anyway. and if its strong enough to hit you and negate your save you havent been doing you job in magic.

Hobgoblins… HRM… Well I run them… but at 35 strong. I usually run 6 or 7 wide and will usually not run horde. I would consider dropping the unit down in size a bit and run a Hobgoblin Overseer in the unit with the Armour of Gazrakh as this will annoy next to any challenger to get stuck in with them. I wouldnt worry about Daemon Eyes on the unit much… but would take on the character.

Blunderbuss… I would run them larger… they are going to be target number one for your opponents after a few games expecially seeing their current rules.

Wolfriders… I havent any love for these expensive slaves… you have magic as a way of dealing with machine and other fast cav really cant take on your line units alone and being as your slow in movement dont expect them to hold back the 2 turns and wait for reinforcements.

Death Rockets… Good I like 2 myself.

Earthshaker… They are ok… I guess… I personally dont like them I run one only for the ST9 Dot hit to kill Dragons. otherwise its kinda expensive…

Inferno Golem… I have yet to use them… but I see them doing well… I would personally not take the special weapons as the Conflaguration cannon until errata is only one use per game, another is a bound spell taking dice away from your casters for a lack luster spell… and the last one Eruption Guns is great but better as an attachment to your Warriors.

richard barby:

some nice ideas there

i like the mage on lammasu its a big pot if points but im my last game he knocked over 900 points of wood elves

not having to guess range make the earthshaker really good it can shut shooting or buy you a lot of time

golems are good hard to break down by general troops

bsb with breath wepion and s5 attacks general can be a big choppy. thanks for the ideas though i will have a think about it. hordes work well having been on the reseving end of them


Oh believe me… I would run Rabble Horde before Hobgoblins and know the abilities… and I run the Hellblade of Hashut on my Overlord on Great Taurus… I just think that on a BSB the banner can be better… also remember you have a lot of fiddle room in your heros so you could take another slavemaster and run him with the kit you currently have on the BSB and get best of both.

My issue with the Earthshaker is that really hitting multiple units with it (especially now with the 1" required free space between units) is usually not happening… its only the large template so 2.5" from center dot… compared to the RH average distance of 7"! Also compared to it… Stone Throwers (so far as I have read dont ignore armor save anymore and only the center dot does D6 wounds.) Dropping a 5" template from a cannon guess that is entirely St 3 with AP appeals to me more. I think 2 Shakers now in the indy gt list is reasonable… But I gave my other Shaker Barrel to Swissdictator… :frowning:

richard barby:

horde rabble are a great idea i have though about taking a unit at 90 points maybe dropping a death rocket for them re the lord and heros i like taking a level 4 and a smith to have a good shot at getting control of the magic phase and the scroll hexigon and helm are relly good at shutting down magic

im assuming for a 2400 list i still have to take 600 points of chaos dwarf troops so that take a huge amount of the army i find it limits some of the options a little. if i could spend 400 maybe i would chuck in some special units or the second slavemaster

Father Grumpmas:

Great weapons, great weapons, and more great weapons for the win.

I just played my first 8th edition competition (1 win, 2 draws, 2 losses) and the one thing that let me down was lack of hitting power. It’s very easy for a block of warriors to hang around for ages with the new steadfast rules but with str3 you are not killing enough to win.

A couple of the dirty Law Dwarf armies did very well with great weapons. anvils, and runed up stome throwers (str 5).


If you’re striking last anyways, you might as well do it with a Great Weapon!

richard barby:

true but then means only a 5 up save for the warriors and that concerns me a little but i could drop one unit spend the points on a second unit of blunderbusses and make the warriors chaos armour and great wepions

Father Grumpmas:

The blunderbusses are still cool but everything gets across the board so quckly in 8th edition, with terrain no longer being so restrictive and the earthshaker effect being so much smaller, that I am begiining to consider not using them.

The points could go towards a nice unit of Obsidian Guard with Great weapons.

The other option I’m toying with is taking a massive points hit and running 6 Inferno Golems.

Gar Shadowfame:

Join unit of warriors, not neceserily for horde, and add great weapons, at the expense of warrior so ur point balance remains the same.

richard barby:

Join unit of warriors, not neceserily for horde, and add great weapons, at the expense of warrior so ur point balance remains the same.

Gar Shadowfame
so 30 odd strong great wepions sounds like a plan im will give currant list a run first and see how i get on