[Archive] 2400 list. need help. has to be decent


lords and hero:

bsb mask of furnace and sheild

lvl1 daemonsmith sorcerer dispel scroll and charmed sheild

lvl4 sorcerer prophet enchanted sheild (+2) and talismen of preservation. (4 ward) luckstone


30 hw/sh command with bomb

20 great weapons command


20 ironsworn with full command

2x magma cannon


k’daal desroyer


any pointers?


Drop the Ironsworn. So many points for a unit that basically does the same thing as the other 2 infantry units - you need more variety in your tactics. Get a faster unit like Fireborn or BCs and at least one Deathshrieker for the points. You want a high strength war machine to kill monsters/STanks. Personally, for war machines I would go 1 Magma Cannon, 1 Deathshrieker and 1 Hellcannon.

A Khan on a wolf also makes a nice sweeper for enemy chaff and can help the Destroyer stay on course and not be redirected.

What Lores are you choosing? I prefer Hashut/Fire on the Lv4 and Metal for the Daemonsmith but Death can work nicely too.


To be honest if you want an infantry list this is not a bad list. There’s plenty of examples on the forum of more efficient and better all round lists but this is alright for an Infantry focus. You have safe magic items for your characters and plenty of damage output with the Magma Cannons, Kdaai and differently armed Dwarfs.

I agree with Baggronor though you’ll want a High damage & Range war machine and can’t really go wrong with a Deathshrieker, it’ll also free up almost enough points for that Khan on wolf which would come in handy for you to get enemy units where you want them.


talismen of preservation. (4 ward) luckstone
Both are Talismans. I'd suggest you give the Luckstone to the BSB instead.