[Archive] 2400 LoA list


Hey lads,

Below is my current list, which i’ve been having great fun playing.

Limited shooting/warmachines but heavy magic with large blocks of troops seem to be the way forward in my local meta.

2400 Point LoA Chaos Dwarf List

Sorcerer-Prophet  �?" 350 Points

Enchanted Shield, Talisman of Preservation, level  4, LoH

Daemonsmith �?" 120 Points

Dispel Scroll, LoF

Daemonsmith �?" 145 Points

Chalice of Blood and Darkness, LoF

Castellan BSB �?" 197 Points

The Mask of the Furnace, Shield

Hobgoblin Khan �?" 60 Points

Light Armour, Shield, Spear, Giant Wolf

40 Infernal Guard �?" 512 Points

Full Command

24 Infernal Guard �?" 442 Points

Full Command, Fireglaives

20 Hobgoblins �?" 108 Points

Standard, Bows

Deathshrieker - 100 Points

Magma Cannon �?" 145 Points

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders �?" 103 Points

Full Command, Spears


I really like this list. A good mix of troops and seems competitive without overdoing the nasties.

Personally I’d prefer a bigger unit of hobgoblins equipped with bows and shield/or additional hand weapons so they can hold their own in combat. I also like to chuck in a khan on foot with terifying mask of eee! Which can be a nice surprise for your enemy :wink:

Edit: I would also take the full command off the wolf raiders. As a chaff unit it’s a waste really. Keep them if you’re using them solely for supporting flank charges to gain the +3 CR though.

I currently run a similar 2000 poit list and find it great to play with and opponents seem happy with it too.

Singleton Mosby:

The Magma cannon has a cost of 145 points, not 125.