[Archive] 2400 P list for tournament


Hi guys,

I’m going to a tournament tomorrow. The restrictions are pretty mucht he same as ETC except that the k’daai destroyer only counts as one warmachine:


profit, lvl 4, lore of death, , Darkforget weapon


Talisman of press

Earhing rod

enchanted shield

Ironcurse Icon


1 Deamon smith lvl 1, Charmed Shield, Dispell Scroll, Blackshard, dragon bane gem

1 BSB castellan: BSB, Blackshard, shield, Helm of discord , Dawnstone

1 Tar’ruk:


The other tricksters shard

Dragon helm

Sword of swiftslaying

220 P

Total= 190 P


26 IG Great weapons, Full Cmd, banner of eternal flame:

432 P

40 Hobgoblins, Musc

170 p

Total 602 P


1 Deathschrieker 100 p

1 Deathschriker 100 p

3 Cenatur, sheilds, banner 145 P

245 p


K’dai destroyer: 325 p

Hell cannon 210 P

Total: 535 P

= 2399 p


Your bulls are too small in number the Taruk will not get a look out sir. Also free up 5pts and get the bulls the gleaming pendent for that one use reroll leadership. If I was you I would not feel safe running the Taruk with out the crown of command for that stubborn. But that’s your call. As of late I have been going back and forth from dread quake, to hell cannon. I feel the quake works better in alot of situations, namely making units not move. Also I see where your at with the flaming banner on the guard, but are you sure the AP would not work better? I ask this because flaming banner works best with the synergy from the lore of Hashut and not Death. Just things to think about.


I actually thought about taking out 1 deathschrieker and putting in 2 extra bulls. As for the Banner of eternal-flame, it really came through in my games, it took out an abomb and a unit of trekin :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips :slight_smile:


How many warriors armies are in your area? It sounds like you got the mix bag of folks to play against. Skaven can be a tough nut, but beatable with the right toys, wood elves are just sadly a none factor anymore. I feel your list would suffer against a “typical” warriors build. Either way good luck and play more games, its the only way to get the feed back that you will truly need; your own experience.


It’s alot of mixed players :slight_smile: There are many deamon players with thoose damn beasts of nurgle. Your right, still thanks for the feedback :hat off