[Archive] 2400 Point List (CC Welcome)


Hey everybody!

So with me officially posted up and welcomed to this fine forum after near five years of lurking I thought I should post up my 2400 point goal using nothing but two boxes of BfSP, assorted Dwarf boxes, bits aplenty, and a budget of $200 dollars. So! With what’s available to me I’ve come up with the following list:

LORDS - 375
- Level 4
- Lore of Death
- Talisman of Preservation
- Enchanted Shield
- Dispel Scrolls
Total - 375

HEROES - 564
Infernal Castellan
- Shield
- Luckstone
Total - 138

Daemonsmith Sorcerer
- Level 2
- Lore of Fire
- Charmed Shield
Total - 135

Bull Centaur Taur’Ruk
- Blackshard Armour
- Great Weapon
- Dragonhelm
- Dawnstone
- Crown of Command
Total - 230

Hobgoblin Khan
- Giant Wolf
- Light Armor
- Shield
- Warrior bane
Total - 61

CORE - 620
30 Infernal Guard
Total - 392

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats
- Shields
- Bows
- Musician
Total - 114

20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats
- Shields
- Bows
- Musician
Total - 114

Magma Cannon
Total - 145

3 Bull Centaur Renders
- Great Weapons
- Champion
Total - 160

RARE - 535
Total - 210

K’daai Destroyer
Total - 325



I’ll throw in a few comments:

Prophet: I would bring lore of Hashut. It’s such a versatile lore of magic You get a buff spell, your character sniper, some incredible killy stuff and ash storm (the best spell in the game, if you ask me). Lore of Death is nice on a LD10, sure, I just think Lore of Hashut can work more roles on the battlefield.
After loosing my prophet three games in a row, he now never leaves home without the earthing rod.

Daemonsmith: He could bring the lore of death. Don’t want to bring the chalice of blood and darkness?

Castellan: He will get challenged, loss his bsb ability from hiding or die! That will cost you a lot of victory points. A ward save and better stregth is important. Mask of Furnace, great weapon (we hit last anyway) or blackhammer of hashut + shield.

Taur’uk: I love this guy, but expensive! Having only four BCs, the crown of command is important. But you really should see if he’s worth the points after some games. No look out sir or ward save, he’ll easily get cannon sniped. Perhaps go gleamin pennant on a unit of BCs, with more bodies instead.

Somewhere on the the heroes/lord: Iron Curse Icon is 5 points. Make sure it’s on a hero/lord with your 30 IG. It will always earn its points.
Ruby ring of ruin is great. 25 points. You often find yourself with some extra power dice. The ring lets you “steal” enemy dispel dice, cause damage without miscast risk and doesn’t have to kill much to earn its value. Plus with ash storm, it’s suddenly extremely dangerous to big things.

Infernal Guard: They should have a magic banner. Lichbone Pennant is cheap and the 6++ against magic will only have to save two guys to earn it self. It often will.

Hobgoblins: Consider going 25 or 30. They are still cheap. Enemy will shoot at your other heavier units. So with 25 hobgoblins you’ll often be steadfast in combat against enemies. Gives more possibilities with the unit.

Bull Centaurs: There’s not many of them and they only bring 2 attacks. Without a banner and musician  you’ll use the crown of command often. They standards +1 combat result, is a lot only bringing 10 attacks. And the musicians tie breaker will save you LD-tests.

Hellcannon: He’s a cool concept. But I find him too slow. He’ll be behind your army if it advances and he dies easier than the destroyer. Plus his shooting is really random. Even with re-roll. Depending on where you play, he might not pivot and fire (since he’s a monster, shooting as a warmachine), but that’s different from place to place.
My suggestions genereally cost points. So consider dropping this guy, and bring a deathshrieker i stead.

Lastly: I’m looking forward to seeing your cheap army (mine is build on the same “rule of cheap”. The BfsP armies don’t turn up often in these FW, RA times. How you gonna spend the 200$? Warmachines and BCs?


Hey! Thanks very much for the reply! I’ll take these all into consideration as I move down the line! The major reasons I made the list I had was due to the availability of models I already had. All my chaos dwarves are converted from BfSP models and much of my other stuff I’m cobbling together. So far it’s looking like:

Bull Centaurs (Taur’ruk included) - Built from a combination of ogre bits and a juggernaut that I had lying around.

K’daai Destroyer - Converted from a Stonehorn I had back in the Ogre times.

Magma Cannon - Currently in design mode, to be cobbled together from a bunch of Chaos bits and a Ironblaster.

The money itself has gone to a Hellcannon, goblins, and any additional chaos bits I see needed in the near future. I especially aim to make a bunch of warmachines down the line to be able to switch them out on the go.