[Archive] 2400 Poitns, 2 Prophets or not 2 Prophets?


so i’ve gotten 2 games in with my chaos dwarfs. one 1200 team game, one 2000 point game. i lost both, but have learned a lot. i know have a mini tourney (just amongst friends) in the next few weeks so want to put together a strong 2400 list. please make any suggestions.

Sorcerer Prophet LVL 3
Lore of Hashut
Enchanted Shield
Dispell Scroll

Sorcerer Prophet LVL 3
Lore of Death
Charmed Shield

Castellan BSB
Double handed weapon
Dragon Helm
Stone Mantle
Iron Curse Cross
(BSB goes with infernal guard)

Wolf, Spear, LA, Shield

Wolf, Spear, LA, Shield

Wolf, Spear, LA, Shield

Wolf, Spear, LA, Shield

29 Infernal Guard
Full Command
War banner

20 Hobgoblins
Std, Mus

20 Hobgoblins
Std, Mus

Magma Cannon

Deathshrieker Launcher


K’Daii Destroyer

so the sorcerer prophets stay back with the warmachines to help with mis-fires and toss some spells. the warmachine (obviously) hammer the opponent. the infernal guard and destroyer form my battle line, with the gobbos filling in holes/taking out light scouts/fast cav. etc. finally, the khans are used to re-direct or take out opposing warmahcines. having no anti-artillery warmachines (i.e. cannons) i have found that cannons can ruin my day and my warmachines can’t do anything back. so, the khans are there to hunt warmachines/mages and of course to re-direct. having a pretty heavy shooting list, if i can sacrifice one or two gobbos and get an extra turn or two of shooting on his main unit, it should be soft enough for my infernal guard/destroyer to eat thru.

of course the other option is keeping it as is, but changing one of the prophets to LVL 4, and taking a couple of daemon smiths?

cc welcome!


Personally I prefer 1 maxed out lvl 4 in favour of 2 lvl 3’s.

I’m missing some CC OOMPH (think k’daai/bull centaurs/good CC hero for your guards)

My suggestion would be

- 1 lvl 3

- 2 khan’s

+ a CC hero

+ 1 BIG block of hobgoblins (1 of 40 seems better then 2 of 20)

+ a few BC’s (personal preference)


The thing is your amount of power dice remain the same so rather than having one main caster with the power dice for his spells you have two, and I think you’ll struggle to get the most out of two level 3’s. Especially when siting back with war machines.

It’s a massive point sink for very little output and they’re not well protected. Even if you wanted to you don’t have the points to protect them well enough.

Also as your general will be back with the war machines your hobgoblins will have to stay close or they’ll flee easily.

And finally four Khans is just overkill I think, you’d be better off spending the 200 odd points on Bull Centaurs or Fireborn.

I would swap the second Prophet for a Demonsmith or two if you really want and lose some Khans. This will let you either bulk out your hobgoblins or get another unit.


At this level, if you’re taking a lord level caster you may as well take a level 4 - the extra +1 to cast/dispel might not seem much of a bonus, but for 35 points it’s cheap - plus of course you get more spells, so are more likely to get the ones you want.


the only way i would recommend 2 lvl 3s in cd is if you used the same lore.

other than that i would choose a lvl4

Da Crusha:

so Thrawn did you ever try out this list? what kind of results did you get? Im a big fan of unconventional lists, I think I was the only one running a level 4 death wizard on a lammasu in RH and I did well with it regardless of what people thought.