[Archive] 2400 Pt Tamurkhan List


Well, it looks like I might be playing Warhammer in a coming tournie.

Hopefully the book is released in time.  If it is i’m thinking of taking this:


Earthing Rod

Mask of the Furnace


Talisman of preservation



Enchanted shield

Black Hammer

Opal amulet

Ironcurse Icon

23 Infernal Guard, FC

29 Hobgobs, FC, shields

29 Hobgobs, FC, shields

Magma Cannon

Death Shrieker

Iron Daemon (hellbound)

Hell Cannon

K’daai Destroyer

Plan is to play denied flank with Hellcannon in centre of table, K’daai and Iron Daemon on the flank and the Hobgobs in between in bus formation.  One Lord/hero per Hobgob unit, probably.

Rest of artillery will be behind the line if possible.

Ugly Green Trog:

main problem is that CD characters can’t join non CD units because of their contempt special rule IIRC don’t have the book to hand so I’m not sure.


main problem is that CD characters can't join non CD units
Completely true! A very fluffy rule!

Even with one unit of IGuard instead of one unit of hobgoblins, it seems to be a strong list...
How many points? (2500 pts I think)

Put the ensorceled shield (5 pts) and enchanted shield on the sorcerers, and the dragon helm (+shield) on the BSB

Magic lores?


As mentioned, the characters can’t join Hobgoblins.

I’m toying with 30 IG and 40 Shield Hobgoblins as my Core at the moment.

Other than that, it looks solid. Same Special, Rare and Character choices as me lol :cheers

Time of Madness:

As others have mentioned picked up a unit of infernal guard (28 strong) and add the bsb and prophet to make the unit 30 strong. Leave the hellsmith to hang out with the war machines. To make the changes you’ll have to drop lots of hobgoblins.

Time of Madness


Ah crumbs, I didn’t know that.

On the bright side at least i’ll be able to field my Infernal Guard figures.

Now that I know what the contempt rule means i’ve tweaked the core choices.  In case anyone is wondering why I bought 23 Infernal Guard figures it’s because that is how many IG miniatures I own :smiley:

The Sorceror and BSB will both go in the IG unit, so it will be 25 strong by the time i’ve finished deploying.

Time of Madness:

Fairly solid list, although i don’t think the hobgoblins add much (other then making sure u have the minimum core points). You may be better off taking a single larger unit rather then the 2 units of 29.

As far as character equipment goes you may want to take the dawnstone on the bsb. If you took the enchanted shield, dawnstone and hammer he would have a 2+ re-rollable save and still be hitty with the hammer in combat. With only 3 attacks though I don’t really like the hammer on castellans. I’d rather see you get some more protective gear on him.

I’ve considered trying the mask out on my prophet, but I just feel the talisman of preservation/healing potion is a much better combo for him. The mask is a bit costly for what it does, although the increased armour save is helpful. I’d drop the talisman off the daemonsmith and move it over to your lord. Throw a dispel scroll on the smith and keep him cheap. If he dies it isn’t really that big of a deal since I’m assuming he will be close to the war machines. I’m assuming you took the level 4 and level 2 upgrades?

I’ve been finding the iron daemon a bit hard to use on the flanks with its lack of movement ability. I prefer throwing him up the center of my opponents battle line with the destroyer assisting on its flank.

Time of Madness