[Archive] 2400 vs Dark Elves

The Gib:

Going to try and get in a game this weekend against a Dark Elf player. I am not sure exactly what he will take but below is the list I am thinking of running. I have only played against DE once and lost horribly. Listed below is the list I am thinking of taking. Any feedback on success people have had against the DE would be very helpful.

Sorcerer-Prophet - Blood of Hashut, Charmed Shield, Power Scroll, Talisman of Preservation, Level 4 on Hashut

Daemonsmith Sorcerer - Dispel Scroll, Enchanted Shield, Level 2 on Death

Hobgoblin Khan - Giant Wolf, Dragonshelm, Light Armor, Potion of Foolhardiness, Shield, Shrieking Blade, Spear

Infernal Castellan - BSB, Hammer of Hashut, Shield, Stone Mantle

44 IG - Full Command, Razor Standard

3 Bull Centaur - Full Command, Gleaming Pennant

K’Daai Fireborn - Manburner

Magma Cannon


5 Hobgoblin Raiders - Shields, Spears


44 IG?? :o

reduce their size to 28 and give them great weaponns.
the rest of the core points go to hobbos with bows.

bulls need to be bigger and if you want them to kill anything then they need gw.
your khan does not need a spear, he wont use it since he has a magic weapon. drop that along with the potion and the shield (he loses the fast cavalry rule like that)

swap the shields beteen the demonsmith and the prophet, your demonsmith will always be the one out of your units babysiting the machines so he needs it. (if you leave your prophet out then you are doing something wrong…)

drop the wolves add more khans…
how big is the fireborn unit? you need at least six of these guys for them to work?

The Gib:

The fireborn are six units. I was wavering on the GW on the IG as they are really only a bunker unit for the sorcerer-prophet. I agree on switching the shields, I will probably try to get something off with irresistible from the daemonsmith anyway. I am questioning if I should take the Bulls. They were really meant to holdup a large unit that might be a little weaker, with T5 and 2+ saves. I do like their speed and feel I need to get into the DE units fast. I was trying to remember if you could have a regular weapon and magical weapon, I know you cannot have two magical weapons. I could not find anything in the rules that said no. With the sword and shield I get the +1 Strength on the charge and cause fear. The Khan will mainly be for any scouts her sends behind my lines. I considered dropping the wolf raiders and adding another khan for behind my lines. Don’t really care for these to be fast cav, don’t plan on vanguard and don’t see any other reason to need it. I had thought about adding a unit of 20 hobbos with bows, I’ll probably do this and drop the IG unit number. Do you think the Bulls will be useful against the DE, or would it be wiser to run something else?


In my experience bulls are always useful but you have to pay attention. use them to hit skirmishers, warmachine hunters, hunt machines or monsters (if they have the flame banner they are quite good at this) and charge units that have been softened up by your machines first.
problem with dark elves is that they can take them down due to the simply vast amount of shooting and magic they posses.
last night i had a game vs dark elves, my bulls started 5 strong and at the end of turn 3 only 1 was left. granted i did not use them well but still they were 255 pts… (no worries though as I had got 1200+ pts in these 3 turns and he just the bulls, which eventually forced him to concede :slight_smile: )

however I always include them, they offer much needed mobility and they are tough. as a final note they shine with support from lore of metal, have not tried them with hashut but giving them hatred sounds nice… also the fact you have a unit of fireborn will force your opponent to split his shooing between the two units use that and put pressure in him.

I would encourage you to give your infernals gw, the opponent will be hesitant to charge a horde of s6 dwarfs who are stubborn, with t4 and 4+ armor(not to mention the characters).