[Archive] 2400pts Indy List (8th!)

Glenn P:

335 High Priest of Hashut, Level Four, Black Gem of Gnar, Enchanted Shield, Arcane Apparatus (Shadow)

151 Hobgoblin Chieftain, Armour of Gazrakh, Dawnstone, Helm of Azgorh, Great Weapon

91 Hobgoblin Chieftain, Armour of Devious Fate, Great Weapon

179 Chaos Dwarf Slavemaster, Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, The Black Standard of Zharr-Naggrund

89 Hobgoblin Overseer, Hailfire Gun, Glittering Scales, Great Weapon

510 40 Chaos Dwarf Warriors, Great Weapons, Shields, Full Command, Razor Standard

45 Eruption Gun

195 15 Chaos Dwarf Annihilators, Musician, Champion

140 30 Hobgoblins, Full Command

140 30 Hobgoblins, Full Command

120 20 Hobgoblin Stikkas, Full Command

90 Chaos Dwarf Death Rocket

100 Earthshaker

100 Earthshaker

205 Hellcannon



Basic game plan is to form the deathstar up, and wander it forwards mashing all in it’s path. :slight_smile:

Hobgoblins likely to go in Hobgoblin units, just to give them a bit more punch. They went minimal because their job is to give me some more fighting power and also to give the High Priest an escape route.


richard barby:

what are you going to do about pit of shades and the other pass test or die spells it could really hurt your deathstar unit

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Not a bad list but I’ve two recommendations. Find a way to get a dispel scroll into that list and trim the 40 Warriors down to 30. You can use the extra points for lots of different options.

Other than that, good list!