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So I picked up Chaos Dwarves about a month ago and have been bouncing around a couple sites looking for conversions, tactics, etc. for a while now, so I figured I might as well start posting here.

After some refining I’ve made a list that I’m sort of happy with, but it hasn’t won any games yet (maybe because my roommate plays tournament dark elves and he’s the only person I’ve played), so I’ve been thinking about shuffling some things around.

Here’s my list as it stands:

LORDS - 375

Sorceror-Prophet (level 4 Hashut)

- Enchanted Shield

- Earthing Rod

- Talisman of Preservation

HEROES - 593

Daemonsmith (level 2 Fire)

- Dispel Scroll

Infernal Castellan - 182

- Arabyan Carpet

- Gold Sigil Sword

- Dragonhelm

- Pistol/Shield

Infernal Castellan - 200


- Mask of the Furnace

- Ironcurse Icon

- Shield

Hobgoblin Khan - 56

- Light Armor, Shield, Wolf

CORE - 640

Infernal Guard x28 - 452

- Full Command

- Great Weapon

Hobgoblins x20 - 94

- Shield

- Musician

Hobgoblins x20 - 94

- Shield

- Musician


Bull Centaurs x3 - 175

- Shield, Extra Hand Weapon, Full Cmd

Magma Cannon - 145

Magma Cannon - 145

Deathshrieker Rocket - 100

RARE - 325

K’Daai Destroyer - 325

The main plan has been to send the destroyer and centaurs on opposing flanks, the dwarves to hang back and bodyguard the warmachines and sorcs as they throw magic and fire all over the place, the hobgoblin redirect big gribblies, and have the flying castellan either take out warmachines or stall flanking/shooting units for the entire game with his 2+ armor save and stubborn.

The Daemonsmith is fire bumped up for level 2 to hopefully get either flame cage for board control, flaming sword to buff my war machines, and then whatever second spell defaulted to fireball in case anything gets through and starts to run at my war machines or around my dwarf block.

The hobgoblins are there for when I have to play offensively (which I’ve had to do against my roommate’s dark elves) and use them as screens, which then split off and harass his archers while my dwarves run into his big units.

I’ve been thinking about ditching the great weapons for blunderbusses lately, since there’s no real reason to have my dwarves trundle across the board, especially in games where I don’t fight other defensive armies.

There’s also a 2200 point tournament happening at my store in a month and I’d love to play chaos dwarves. Any recommendations on what I could shave off my list would be awesome. Thanks!


Seems to me to be a pretty decent list. Although you are relying on your one unit of infernal guard to hold the line as hobgoblins wont. Getting a banner of slavery in there could help keep your Hobgoblins in line though, I’ve played a similar list to you and it does work well because people don’t expect Hobgoblins to stick around! I would also change your Infernal’s great weapons back to hand weapons and shield for the extra saves, you have plenty of damage potential with magma cannons, magic and destroyer. You need those dwarves to stay for the duration. blunderbusses could work too as the unit retain their hand weapons for combat but it’s a big expence for potentially only one or maybe two shots and having to reform to make the most of them. Consider giving the hobgoblins bows instead, over the course of the battle you’re likely to get more equal strength shots.

I’d probably want great weapons on the bull centaurs or just a shield (remember hand weapon and shield on centaurs give them a 2+ 6++ save). But it depends what you’re doing with them, I like hand weapon and shield and driving them into a units flank along with wolf raiders on the other to really piss your opponent off (only did it once though but it worked a treat).

You also seem fairly character heavy but that might just be me personal taste. The guy on the carpet could be fun to use i might have to try that one myself but maybe drop him for the 2200 battle as the khan can fill a similar role. Then I’d probably drop a warmachine too.

I’ve also just noticed you’re a bit short on core points for 2500 you need 750 minimum. Thinking about it for your unit of 28 you need to buy 3 packs and a command pack if you’re buying forgeworld infernal guard which would leave you with 5 spare models anyway so boost them up!

Time of Madness:

Decent looking list.

I’d drop the carpet castellan. He doesn’t add much to the army and you already have a fair number of characters.

With the points saved pick up another bull centaur to make the unit 2X2.

With a list like this you may want to consider shield/hand weapons on the guard unit. That unit needs to be deployed 5 wide and you want to take as little punishment as possible. The 6+ ward will help keep guys alive. The guard needs to be an anvil type unit.

Time of Madness