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Just for fun, and to keep the game fresh, my main opponent and I have decided to play games with open-list “tourney” style armies, as opposed to the closed “opponent-specific” armies that we pass the time with.  We agreed on 2500 points, since we’re not actually going to any tourneys - I have an 8 month old… I go nowhere.  :(

I have two other armies, but for the CDs, I’m using the GT Dwarfs of Chaos list.  What I built is sort of… wonky, I think, but the idea is to overwhelm the opponent in the shooting and magic phase, as the list contains 5 bound spells, a level four wizard; and 7 dispel dice, and 3 dispel scrolls.

- Lvl 4 High Priest on Lammasu, Daemon Bane, Scale Mail of Gazrakh, Helm of Azgorh

- Daemonsmith, shield, 2x Dispel scrolls

- Daemonsmith on Daemoneater, Shield of the Great Bull, Dispel Scroll

- 18x Annihilators w/ musician

- 20x CD Warriors - Shields, GW, Chaos Armour, Full Command, Banner of Daemonic Tides

- 20x CD Warriors - Shields, Full Command

- Earthshaker

- Death Rocket

- 4x Inferno Golems w/ Lava Fire (bound spell: 3)

- 30x Rabble (w/taskmaster)

- 30x Rabble (w/taskmaster)

-2x Hobgoblin Spearchukkas

- 10x Sneaky Gits

It’s lacking much in the way of strength 6 attacks, or fast cavalry… It kills me that the Bull Centaurs aren’t in there, but they’re so pricy, and with their new and reduced LD of 8, I’m not convinced they’ve got the staying power to last in a magic-heavy (i.e. lower leadership) CD army.

Comments, gentle criticisms, suggestions?  I’m far away from a tourney level player, but neither is my friend.  Without going the 2 Earthshaker-8 bolt thrower route, is there something obvious I could do to improve this list?


Great looking army list, little magic heavy for my taste but i like to smash with with huge axes and hammers :slight_smile: I think you have a good mix of combat units and ranged fire it should do well :slight_smile:

Alan the evil:

If you feel the lack of BC you can drop death rocket and sneky gits for a unit of them with chaos armour, shield and GW… They are to usefull to don’t use them in my experience!! While DR now it’s to weak…


Well, I finally got a chance to sit down to a game, after much delay.  I took the above list against a 2500 pt force of High Elves:

Prince on Moon Dragon, Armour of Caledor and Talisman of Saphery

Noble (Battle standard bearer) with the Helm of Fortune and Mage both on steeds with a unit of Silver Helms

10 archers (x2); 21 spearmen with full command

15 White Lions; 14 Swordmasters; Great Eagle; 2 Bolt Throwers

Tough match, especially with that dragon.  Never ended up wounding it, but I managed to get it stuck into combat with a block of warriors that would seemingly never run, and the prince was down to 1 wound at the end of the game.  Broke or ran down just about everything else, and the deathrocket, bound spells, and inferno golems really stood out.  Especially the golems, who weathered 22 attacks from the spearmen, didn’t take so much as a scratch, then hacked down 8 elves in return… then ran them down.  Daemoneaters with a Daemonsmith are a fantastic combo. It got stuck in a three round combat against an elven noble who challenged… I kept hitting the damned thing over and over with the Daemoneaters’ grind attack, only to have the noble get to save from his modified 1+save (became a 3+ save with the Daemoneater ST5 attacks), then re-roll missed armour saves with his “Helm of Fortune”… ugh.  I finally pulled in my second unit of CD warriors and and cast “cause fear” on them with my general using lore of death, and that turned the tide… Outnumbering his unit with fear causers, and ran down his battle standard bearer, noble and silver helms.  Sneaky Gits didn’t hit any bad animosity, and really cleaned up against his war machines.  They were surprisingly powerful.  Rabble were fun, glad I had them, but suffered animosity several turns, and were vaporised by swordmasters… who then were subsequently “terrored” around the board for the rest of the game by the Lammasu… Eagle was terrored off, then run down.  Dragon Princes were badly beaten up by missle fire, and what was left of them took it all out on a bolt thrower team.

I should mention again… It’s actually hard to miss with that deathrocket now… GT Indy Dwarfs of Chaos special choices are really really precious, because there are so many good choices… But man, that deathrocket… It’s like a near guaranteed panic test for your opponent, every turn.

And, my opponent was a super star!  I love good, friendly players.  A great game, overall.  His only big mistake was piling up his bolt throwers and archers on one hill… Earthshaker had a field day with that.


I think the death rocket can be good, but it is very situational. It is really good against expensive, low toughness, minimal armour save troops that are in medium to large blocks. This is exactly what you came across. It is also fantastic against wood elves, daemons and to an extent dark elves. But even against horde armies like skaven and goblins, its only very average as the troops are so inexpensive and it can never kill enough. When you come across armies whose basic troops are one of the following: high toughness, rock hard saves, cheap units, MSU or any of those combinations it is quite crap IMO and other special choices are better, let alone another earthshaker. But against elves it is quite good cause they are expensive. Unfortunately the HE lists I face are very much MSU with lots of knights so it is less effective.

Congradts on the win too :cheers


Time of Madness:

Nice looking army. Did he not have any magic defense? You should have been able to use and abuse him in that phase of the game. (especially with a mobile caster)

And I think you are underestimating bull centaurs. They are great at providing the extra speed/pop your army is lacking. I think they would have been a better choice rather then the sneaky gits.

Time of Madness