[Archive] 2500 indy GT list


I’ve created a 2500 points army for a friendly game use the indy gt list, the battle didn’t go to good. When creating the list I didn’t know what I was up against. So I would ask you if you can see thing on how to improve it. Here is my list:

High priest of hashut

  • level 4 wizard
  • sword of swift slaying
total points: 340

  • giant blade
  • helm of discord
total points: 240

Chaos dwarf slavemaster
  • BSB
  • talisman of preservation
total points: 140

  • the hammer of hshut
total points: 160

38 X chaos dwarf warriors
  • great axes
  • chaos armour
  • musician
total points: 554

23 X chaos dwarf warriors
  • great axes
  • chaos armour
  • musician

total points: 554

4 X spear chukka 140 points

chaos dwarf death rocket 90 points

eartshaker cannon 100 points

6 X inferno golems
    total points: 420

    Total points army : 2498

    A few things I’ve already learned are
    spear chukka’s kick ass, as do inferno golems.
    The eruption gun didn’t do much.
    An overlord is no match for grimgor (To bad grimor didn’t fail its leadership, which was lowered to 6)
    Chaos dwarf warriors in horde formation didn’t work in this battle.


    Its looks like a good list , so what happened in the battle ?


    My unit of 23 warriors with overlord and daemonsmith got charged by a block of black orcs with grimgor in turn 2. my high priest already had cast doom and darkness on the unit of black orcs, so they had -3 leadership. I challegend with my overlord, and grimor needed to take a leadership test or he couldn’t attack and would be auto hit thanks to helm of discord, grimgor passed its leadership, even with the -3 to leadership. So my overlord was death before he could attack. I last that round off combat on so many that I needed insance courage, which I failed. The rest of the battle wasn’t any better, to wound rolls alot of 1’s. The inferno golems ran three times until they ran from the table. The best part of the battle was a spear chucka which wrecked a wolf chariot.


    Sounds like a hard battle and some bad luck with the dice , hope that the next game works out better for the list , as its a good list and should do well so fingers crossed :slight_smile:


    I will give it another try then and hope for the best :stuck_out_tongue:


    You never get it right fist time i know i dont i takes a few games to see what needs to be done , things taken out , things added , things moved in to different units , dont start changing things right away play half a dozen games with the army as it is and see what the results are then start changing things :slight_smile: