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Ziggy Khataar:

hi guys, I have been reading the stuff on site for quite some time but only signed up now :wink:

Here is my army that I have posted on Librarium forums, but had very small feedback. It will be my first Fantasy Battles army and i used the army list from the games workshop website =)

i mostly play against Empire and necrarch vampire counts

sorry for my poor math in the list and English in the forums, I am just learning :wink:


Centaur Bull Lord

Armor of the furnace, Great weapon, shield

224 points



Dispel scroll

90 Points


2 Dispel scrolls

115 points

Chaos Dwarf hero

Heavy armors, shield

66 Points


18 warriors

Champion, Musican, Blunderbusses

246 points

18 Warriors

Champion, Musican, blunderbusses

246 Points

24 warriors (one sorcerer to go HERE)

Champion, Musician, Standard bearer, Great weapons

294 points

24 warriors (The other Sorcerer HERE)

Champion, Musician, Standard bearer, Hand weapons

246 points

24 Hobgoblins, (dwarf HERO here, i am sacrificing the speed to leadership)

Champion, musician, standard bearer

68 point

25 Hobgoblins,

Champion, musican

70 point

10 Hobgoblin

wolfs, Champion, musican, Standard bearer, light armors, shield

160 points

10 hobgoblin

wolfs, Champion, musican, standard bearer, light armor, shield



Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

30 points

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

30 points

Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower


Hobgoblin bolt Thrower

30 points


9 Bull centaur, (my LORD will join here)

Champion, Musician, standard bearer with the Battle Banner, heavy armors

269 points


3 crews with hand weapon and heavy armors

110 points




all coments and criticals welcome! =)


I like the list. Heres some suggestions

Drop the standards on the bb, +1 to combat res is not worth it. and you can lose 100 more vp.

make the sneaky gits either smaller or get rid of them, they are 200 points of not doing much, especially since GW got rid of lap around rules, can’t use them. Make it 20 and add more Bolt throwers or get rid of them and get 25 Orcs w shields and full command.

BC lord: get rid of obsidian blade, its not that good. Save points and get a great weapon. BC count as infantry for GW, so you will have a str 7 BC lord, chariot killer.

Ziggy Khataar:

Thank, marine =)

I didn’t know for the rules on Sneaky gits, so thank for explaining =)

I will change the list now


First of all your army list is illegal because you have one character too many.
Your eartshaker is only supposed to be 110pts.
I’d get rid of the two level 2 upgrades on your sorcerors, 6 power dice doesn’t really do much especially if one of your main opponents plays a necrarch army.

You have nicely sized warrior units, but I’d get rid of the equipment on the hobgoblins (too many points to just give away). Also I don’t understand why you would take 16 BB, if you took 17 then you could throw in the sorceror as well and line them up 3x6.

Hope this helps.

Ziggy Khataar:

hehe thank hal =)

I took 16 because i was thought that 6 x 3 = 16

But it isnt, lol =p

I guess for the character i just got overexcited and, in the earthshaker, added the point Cost of the warrior Crew as well so thank for pointing that out :slight_smile:

I have listen to the advice and update the list =)

Uzkul Werit:

I wouldn’t put the CD Hero in the Hobgoblin unit. They can use his Leadership even when he isn’t in the unit.


yeah… i’d put the sorcerors in the BB units…
and the General in one of the CD warriors units… most likely the HW/ Shield unit…

there are altogether too many command models…
BBs dont need musicians… and only need champs for accepting challenges in place of sorcerors…
foot hobbies dont need any sort of command… a musician would be useful but its just too expensive…
wolfboyz only want a musician… the standards here are 100 VP loss waiting to happen…

with the points saved id get some magic items…
Black Hammer for the Lord…
Armor of Gaz and GW for the general…
another scroll maybe…