[Archive] 2500 LoA [Also, First Post!]


Hey everyone, long time lurker about to place first forgeworld order for my chaos dwarf army. Looking to get some thoughts on this list:


Sorcerer Prophet

Level 4 Hashut

Enchanted Shield

Tali. Preservation

Sorcerer Prophet

Level 3 Death

Dragon Helm


Dark Castellan


Mask of the Furnace



Level 1 Fire


Dispel Scroll

Charmed Shield

Bull Centaur Taur’ruk

Dawn Stone

Sword of Might


30 Infernal Guard

Full Command

Standard of Discipline

30 Infernal Guard

Full Command

Lichbone Standard


5 Bull Centaur Renders

Great Weapons



Magma Cannon

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

I know it’s magic/character heavy. I’ll probably drop the death prophet and get Fireborn when my budget allows it.


Hello and welcome!

Some thoughts:

You are, as you say, character heavy. I’d certainly drop the level 3. With the spare points you could get more bull centaurs for a second unit, or a hellcannon. Or you could drop the numbers on one of the infernal guard unit and get a destroyer. There are loads of things you could put on 100x150mm bases to proxy for either at the moment. But you’re not going to have enough pd for two lord level wizards to be effective.

In general, the equipment set-up is good. I’d consider getting the crown of command for your level 4, putting him in one block and the bsb in another for two stubborn blocks - very hard to shift! I don’t know about the taar’uk as I don’t use one much, but he could get the (other?) tricksters shard - the one that forces re-rolls of ward saves - for a decent assassin. Maybe gleaming pennant on your bull centaurs?


With the Taruk and the big block of Bulls I like the +1 move banner and its cheap. I dont like the 2nd SP I agree that its too much caster and not enough dice I would bump up the deamonsmith to lv 2 and take lore of metal. spend the extra points you saved from that some place else. More Bulls, Artillery, couple of khans somthing like that.