[Archive] 2500 Points - all comers list

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Please critique!

Sorcerer-Prophet Level 4 (General) - carrying the Charmed Shield, the Earthing Rod, and a Potion of Healing for when things go wrong
Infernal Castellan (Battle Standard Bearer) - bearing the Mask of the Furnace, Pidgeon-Plucker Pendant,  Iron-Curse Icon & wielding a Great Weapon
Bull Centaur Tar’ruk wearing the Crown of Command, a Luckstone, and wielding a Great Weapon
Hobgoblin Khan riding a wolf wearing light armour (someone stole his shield…)

24 Infernal Guard w/ Full Command wielding Great Weapons and bearing the Lichborne Pendant
25 Infernal Guard w/ Full Command wielding Great Weapons
20 Hobgoblin Cutthroats carrying bows and shields
3 Bull Centaur Renders w/ Full Command and wielding Great Weapons bearing the Banner of Eternal Flame
An Iron Daemon - Hellbound
A Magma Cannon
A Deathshrieker Rocket

6 Deployments which is very low (welcome to Chaos Dwarves…)
2 Sacrificial Units
4 Standards for a break-point of 7
1 Fast unit for monster hunting or to tie up a deathstar
3 Very dangerous shooting attacks all of which get re-rolls
4 Units to act as anvils (if you count the Crown of Command as an immovable object)

I do not have a K’Daii Destroyer model (yet!) so please don’t suggest I include one =)


The 2 sacrificial units are the Hobgobbo’s and their wolf riding Khan?

I like the list.

I’d actually suggest trying the list as is a few times then putting both GW squads together into one massive one and trying that.

I mean with GW’s they lose the Ironbreaker 3+ save so even a unit of 25 can potentially get obliterated in 1 combat round. Are the BSB/Prophet going in the same unit?

I like the Centaur Unit (i also run 3 with GW’s), and the ability to remove regen is good for them. I’m not really sure the full command is worth it on them though, especially as they’re stubborn (Command Crown). Like your 3 warmachines, one of each is nice. Good balanced list. You’ll struggle a bit against gunlines though I think.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

You’re right about the Infernal Guard. But I think one big unit is just waiting to get Shadow-debuffed into oblivion or purple-sun’d away. Losing my center that way would really hurt.

I like full command on the centaurs just to force people to only hit the hero or the champion. Either way, I’ll always have two swinging back at least.

The Sorcerer-Prophet stands between the two war machines giving them re-rolls. Between high toughness, a Look Out, Sir! roll, and his potion, I think he is fairly well protected. In a worst cast scenario he’ll jump into a unit.