[Archive] 2500 points, all corners. Another day, another battle!


3 bull centaurs, musician, banner of swiftness

Emma you need a standard bearer to be able to have magic banners ;)


3 bull centaurs, musician, banner of swiftness

Emma you need a standard bearer to be able to have magic banners ;)

They do have a musician and a standard bearer with banner of swiftness. It was just a short way of typing but thank you for noticing :hat off


Your list is very similar to my 2500pt list. I take a hellcannon instead of the Taur'ruk and units of 20 hobgoblins with bows instead of 30. Which the extra points I take the extra bull centaur for a unit of 4 (2X2).

The list has been very sucessful for me. I'd be interested in hearing how much you like the Taur'ruk as I can't help thinking a hellcannon may be a better choice.

Lovely looking army!

Time of Madness

Time of Madness
I would love to use the hellcannon but one problem is that I need troops for the minimum core choices!
So far I do have 748 points of core troops, I can get rid of one regiment of hobbos and with spare points add some bodies to the dwarf regiment but at maximum from core troops I can get 123 points....

About hobbo archers I feel that 30 is an optimal size, they have enough shooting to be really effective and they can act as a combat unit (well, they have bodies... not killing... ).

Taur'ruk and bull centaurs are pretty good, have good hitting power and they are really fast. So far they have never died so they are also a good point bunker! So far (only two battles!) I felt like I needed something fast and reliable to counter enemy moves, that can hold a block of troopers by himself and move very fast and I found the bull centaurs perfect for this roles..... but maybe I do not really need the Taur'ruk for this... I will try later, now more playtesting ;)

New lists will be done and of course... including the hellcannon! :hat off


New list, hopefully this time it is legal :o


General; Lore of Hashut; Magic Level 4;

Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour

Earthing Rod; Enchanted Shield; Talisman of Protection

Infernal Castellan BSB

Blackshard Armour; Shield;

mask of the furnace; luck stone; Ironcurse Icon

Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Lore of Metal; Magic Level 1; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour

Charmed Shield; Dispel Scroll; Potion of Foolhardiness (thanks Baggronor :wink:


Sword +2A

blackshard armor; shield (my signature setting :wink:

29 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guards

full command


30 hobbos,

arch, standard, musician

29 hobbos,

shield, standard, musician

(I love hobbos, I cannot go to the battle field without this scum!)

3 bull centaurs renders,

musician, standard, banner of swiftness

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon

K’daai Destroyer

As you can see I like to have a 4+ ward save to my main characters, too many killing blows in my club :frowning:

I’ve stolen Baggronor’s set up for the Demonsmith sorcerer, I love it! I already appreciated the combat effectiveness of this guy and learnt to equip him with charmed shield, when I saw Baggronor’s idea of the potion for more punchness… why not? :smiley:

Tonite new battle, so new battle report and pics :wink:


Sweet, goodluck in your battle


Nobody complaining so seems this time my army is legal :smiley:

Tuesday nigth I played against Bretonnia.

Have been ages since I faced Bretonnia!

He fielded two regiments of Errant knights, one of knight of the realm (lord inside and sorceress) and big lance of Grail Knights (bsb and hero).

As a support two units of mounthed yeomen and a regiment of peasant bowmen and a trebuchet.

You can see the deployment, the building in the centre is an altar of Khaine (we considered it as a bulding, so no knights and monsters inside).

As you can see his tactic was straight forward. This makes me everything easier, I love when people turn off their brains and just charge me ;). Thanks to the building in the centre his way was fuenneled into the narrow passage at the centre. I used the building on my left flank to secure my regiments from flank charges.

As always my big fear was the Grail knights and the trebuchet, it can be deadly on my massed regiments of infantry and I needed more ranks as possible to hold knights charges.

After his blessing I decided to concentrate death rockets on the trebuchet (as I do not think they are very effective against the rest of the Bretonnian army) and I was rewarded by my gps controlled rockets that crashed the trebuchet on turn 1 :smiley:

The fast movement for Bull centaurs and the destroyer permitted me to circumnavigate the altar of khaine and be ready to charge the flank of the Grail knight :slight_smile:

I decided to throw the Destroyer supported by the centaurs to the Grail, a nice match up for my killing machine :slight_smile:

It lasted four turns, the Grail were helped by the peasant bowmen that charged my detroyer to the flank.

I decided to concentrate on the heroes first, klling in three turns the bsb and his friend :wink: Leaving only the monster stomp to the peasants. This forced my Destroyer into a very long and protracted combat.

He and the centaurs won but killing that damn knights was not an easy task, thanks to their heavy armor and the damnsel blessing save!

He committed a big mistake: charging my dwarfs (31 dwarfs plus BSB and lord) to the front with only one regiment (with lord and damsel)!!! This lead to the obvious. My dwarfs hold and started a loooooooong battle of attrition (both our regiments were determined).

We abandoned the battle at the 4th turn (no more time unfortunately) but he lost half his Grail knights, the bsb, the hero and the lord was left with only one wound. His peasants and trebuchet were gone.

I lost a couple of dwarfs, one wound to the lord and some hobbos… the destroyer was alive with two wounds.

The errants were blocked by the hobbos and the realm with lord and damsel were stopped by dwarfs and flanked by hobbos (with hatred and fury thanks to Breath of Hatred and temple of Khaine :wink: ).

Well I was lucky with armor saves but dwarfs cannot be broken by a simple charge to the front, even if it is from Bretonnian knights. My fear were the Grail but thanks to the astonishing speed of the destroyer they were stopped by turn 2!

Our magic is great as a support, I throwed Ash storm and Breath of Hatred (augmented) any times and this resulted really useful. At one moment Grail knights had -1 to hit and -1 to wound the Destroyer… that’s great :smiley:


At one moment Grail knights had -1 to hit and -1 to wound the Destroyer
How do you do to give -1 to wound against Grail knights?:) (which already have magic attacks...:))
I wouldn't have gone into the grail with the destroyer if I couldn't have charged with it...:)

Deathshrieker can kill some knights : with a "hit", the bretonnian player should fail some saves... (and hopefully its LD test...)


Yes, you’re right, it was the peasants that had -1 to wound. For the Grail was enough the -1 to hit :wink:

There are two reasons why I charged the Grail with my Destroyer:

1) the deathshriekers could not kill knights with s3, so they need the rocket to kill knights, but with two death rockets I would be lucky to kill two of them per turn… that means 4 of knights at maximum before they charge my block of dwarfs. They were 15 (including the two heros) so two-three losses did not reduce their effectiveness.

2) the Grail hold the leftmost flank of my opponent deployment. You can see them next to the peasants. So they blocked any other target to my destroyer but the peasants…

So I decided the only way to stop them was charging with destroyer and then let the bulls join the fight…

I did not fear the other knights, let them charge my dwarfs if they dare… as a result the Grails were out, the bsb and the hero were killed by the destroyer and the dwarfs easily stopped the lord with the knights of the realm.

Ash storm helped my destroyer when he had to face the bsb and the hero. I know it was an hard fight but destroyer is not here for easy battles :wink:

When we stopped the fight he was with only two wounds but facing 7-8 knights without bsb and hero and with the bull centaurs (and Taur’ruk) intact :slight_smile:

So I was pretty confident if we continued the battle would be won by the Chaos Dwarfs :wink:


So have your Dwarfs got Great Weapons or just Hand Weapon & Shield? Thanks in advance!


Stephanavich: sorry for delay, I did not noticed your question! :o

My warriors had in previously battles only hand weapon and shield. But setting changed now :wink:

I decided to try a new list: bored with Kdaii destroyer and wanted to try more tools.


General; Lore of Hashut; Magic Level 4;

Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour

Earthing Rod; Enchanted Shield; Talisman of Protection (I love this setting!)

Infernal Castellan BSB

Blackshard Armour; Shield;

mask of the furnace; luck stone; Ironcurse Icon

Daemonsmith Sorcerer

Lore of Fire; Magic Level 1; Darkforged Weapon; Blackshard Armour

Charmed Shield; Dispel Scroll; Potion of Foolhardiness

Hobgoblin Khan:

Wolf, spear, shield,

mask of EEK (terror causing). Idea stolen from Baggronor.

30 Chaos Dwarf Infernal Guards

full command


20 Chaos Dwarfs Infernal Guards with full command and fireglaives

6 Kdaiis fireborn

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher (hellbound)

Magma Cannon

Hell Cannon

As you can see I get rid of Kdaii destroyer and hobgoblins for more warmachines.

One of the rockets is hellbound as I think I’m missing magic attacks (ethereals and Vamp annoyins stuff) and 25 points for magic attacks, +1T and +1 Wound is a good bargain.

I drop in some fireglaives, I’m not convinced but I think without hobgoblins bowmen I’m missing some missile troopers. I know we have a lot of nice warmachines bur I think in warhammer missile troops fill up a niche warmachines cannot fill up, expecially agains skirmishers and light troops that can be difficult to catch with scattering template weapons like ours.

I wanted to try the fireborns, I think less than 6 is a non sense because of T tests. They need some bodies. More than 8 is too much points invested in a fragile unit… so I think 6 are ok. Do not you think so?

And finally I wanted to try the hellcannon! Never played before and now even more tempting with the Deamonsmith FAQ by FW :wink:

I already played a battle against the new Vampires. So battle report is coming soon :hat off


Interesting. I’ve just been considering ditching the destroyer for a hellcannon and bull centaurs for fireborn, so I’d end up with a list a lot like yours.

One thing I’m concerned about is the lack of any fast moving units. Will one khan be enough to divert etc?


I wanted to try the fireborns, I think less than 6 is a non sense because of T tests. They need some bodies. More than 8 is too much points invested in a fragile unit... so I think 6 are ok. Do not you think so?
I do:) Fireborns need to be 6+ : they aren't so bad that many of us thought initially : it's a very good unit against S3 T3 troops (many core choices), able to win easily most of their close combats.
More than 8 : i won't go, not because it's a fragile unit, but cause it's a lot of points... But 8 fireborn can be a very good unit, depending of the list.

Nice list:) If you know that you will fight again against VC, without optimizing your list against them, you can try one hellbound iron daemon.

Waiting for the battle report:~


OK, time for a short (sorry) battle report:

I played for the first time against the new Vampires and for the very first time in my life I got a solid victory with my Chaos Dwarfs!!! Unbeliavable achievement for me, Vampires always have been my nemesis. So I’m even more in love with my LoA Chaos Dwarfs :cheers

My biggest problem has always been undead ability to move damn fast! Thanks to magic movement those rotten bones moved faster than elves! Their Vampire rule permitted them to march everywhere in the battle field, thanks to Varghulfs and other Vampire like characters.

Knowing that the new rulebook prevents them to do it so easily made me… an happy dwarf! :smiley:

He field a hitty vampire (delivering 6-8 attacks per turn, with eternal hatred, a moving lawnmover…), two banshees, two necromancers and one battle standard bearer. A big block of 30 ghouls (with bsb and lord inside), a big block of skellies (30), a medium sized block of zombies (25). two spirit hosts, a corpse cart, a black coach a Varghulf, three Cairn Wraith and the bats that let you strike last!

Seeing I was outnumbered  decided to… encastle using a corner of the battle field. This is a classic tactic: placing my troops next to one border prevented the enemy to encircle my troops from that side. One flank is secured :wink:

In short my fireglaives’ fire did almost nothing, too short range, the enemy can easily choose what offer to their fire and he choose etereal Black coach and Varghulf. I preferred fireglaives as hand to hand weapons, t least they managed to wound the Varghulf. But after three turns of fighting the regiment was gone and the Varghulf along with the black coach continued to storm my warmachines behind the line.

The massive fire of my warmachines was useful, this time no gps guided missiles (see previous battle reports) but I found the infernal incendiaries rockets pretty useful against the massed infantries of undead. As a result the regiment of the lord was really thinned down (10 ghouls) when I charged with my dwarfs with lord and bsb inside. That was the decisive moment as my dwarfs (powered with Breath of Hatred) where able to crush ghouls with Vampire and bsb, corpse cart (that charged me in a desperate attempt to help his lord) and the last bats. :smiley:

Hellbound rocket was a good choice, it was made resilient (he hold a fully powered up black coach for two turns until the arrival of the Varghulf!) and magic rockets are handy against so many ethereals!

The Hellcannon was nice, he was able to deliver a good powered fire and hold for three turns my right flank against the three Cairn Wraiths before diying.

The Fireborns proved good, they are not killing machines but against low T troopers they did a very good job. It took three turns to get rid of the skellies, two necromancers, a small regiment of spirit hosts and finally they were able to help my dwarfs to give the killing blow to the Vampire unit! :cheers

My only complain was in turn 2 when I rolled for the first time the T test and rolled 5 wounds!!! :frowning: At the end of the battle two of them autokilled themselves but being 6 in total they kept their combat effectiveness.

The Hobgoblin Khan felt a little alone without other hobgoblins around but he was able to provide help. Being so cheap I did not fear to throw him in front of the enemy but… nobody cares!!! It was left ignored and that was good as at the end of the battle managed to help the Fireborns against the skellies, providing one-two wounds per turn. He even took away the last wound of a necromancer :slight_smile:

The Mask of EEk was a good choice, other wise he would have a lot of problems with a fear causing army and being kilometres away from the lord!

At the end of the battle I won about 2200 points (every character, ghouls and skellies, corpse cart, two spirit hosts and bats) against about 1400 points (fireglaives, every warmachine and Demonsmith).

:hat off


New battle for my Chaos Dwarfs. This time against my friend’s Demons.

Hereinafter you can see Alessandro’s beautiful army advancing. The shot was taken at the beginning of my second turn.

I got first turn, so you can see his daemonettes already thinned down by my shooting along with the bloodletters.

In the left down corner you can see his seekers. That was a very bad move from him as he placed them ready to be charged by my fireglaives :slight_smile:

To the right you can see my troll leading an unit of Kdaii fireborns. Not having the miniatures yet :frowning: The unpainted earthshaker is a proxy for the Hellcannon. The rocket with 4 crewmen is the hellbound rocket (+1 wound).


My warmachine fire proved excellent. The hellcannon and the deathshriekers proved really good at thinning down the T3 Demons troops. Thanks to reroll they always hit and killed the enemies in masses :slight_smile:

Fireglaives… proved a disappointment (again) as a shooting unit but really good in melee. They got rid of seekers and the two horrors!

Fireborns wiped out the daemonettes but had no chance against the bloodcrushers of Khorne. The big block of infernal guards with Bsb and lord were fine. They killed the bloodletters, the big unit of pink horrors (already thined down by warmachine fire) and hold against the Khorne bloodcrushers and the bloodthirster combined charge. Unfortunately the bloodletters managed to killing blow my lord :frowning:

So at the end the battle was a drawn, with only few units left on the board after the butchery.

But as always, really good fun with my LoA chaos dwarfs.

I challenged my friend Alessandro, next time we will meet his bloodthirster will meet my Destroyer to see who is the ultimate killing machine in Warhammer :hat off


Just a thought I see you have the deamonsmith listed as having a darkforged weapon and all though the book would have us believe that’s what he is armed with the FAQ tells us he only has an ensorcelled hand weapon.


Bassman thanks for the report,I will be getting 2 x 30 hobgoblins because of you and I learned alot from your battle



Just a thought I see you have the deamonsmith listed as having a darkforged weapon and all though the book would have us believe that's what he is armed with the FAQ tells us he only has an ensorcelled hand weapon.

Thank you to make me notice it. I do not remember if I wrote the list before the FaQ or not but I've always played him with ensorcelled weapon. So only +1 S. So actually even if I spelt it incorrectly, I'm correct in actual practice ;)

Jon Jon: Thank you. I always appreciate to be useful.
I love hobgoblins, I know now are really less efficient than before but I still want to try them in battle.
I think to equip them with bows is the best setting :)


My Bluebeards’ clan seems to be pretty busy recently.

Another enemy challenged the Chaos Dwarfs, this time Empire!

I love to play my friend Federico as he owns a beautiful army and he is always creative with conversions and unsusual miniatures.

This time he dropped on the battle field:

30 reiks guards with detachment,

40 empire state troopers with detachment,

20 handgunners,

20 flagellants

a mortar

and steam tank!

Lead by an Empire general on foot,

a bsb,

two sorcerers

a warrior priest

and an engineer (with the hochland rifle).

Hereinafter you can see pic of the beginning of second turn.

To make a long story short:

I still not get why he deployed so far in the opposite side of the board with an infantry army without many guns. I castled on top of my hill and he was plenty of opportunity to deploy closer to me.

Moving diagonally with a M4 army is just call for massed shooting.

Not to say that was like a college party with free drinks for my warmachines and I immediately started to hammer his infantry with deathsriekers, hellcannon and the magma cannon!

When Reiks guard, after four turns, finally charged my fireglaives they were reduced to 5 :o including Bsb and priest!

Their detachment was 7 (out of 20) the state troops were 14-5 (out of 40). The handgunners were panicked twice by magma and deathsrihekers shots before being wiped out by the advancing Fireborns (you can see them to the rightmost flank, ready to get rid of mortar and engineer).

My only problem was the steam stank as I had nothing to kill it. The hobgoblin khan come to a proper use, you cannot see him but he is next to the hill close to the Steam tank.

He managed to slow down the Steam tank, first forcing it to get close and then waste a turn to kill him. At turn four the steam stank was still a long way from my troops and at the end of the battle did nothing special.

My dwarfs get rid of the flagellants, the fireglaives were killed by the combined charge of state troopers (with lord inside), reiksguard (with bsb and priest) and a detachment. But they fullfilled their role engaging them for two turns and killing the last reiksguard and detachment guys (so I got their victory points :wink: ).

So the battle ended with my only loss of the regiment of fireglaives and the hobgoblin khan! More than 1100 points against cr. 450 points for me :smiley:

The funniest moment of the battle is yet to come!

at turn 4 my Hellcannon misfired! I rolled misfire twice (re roll of Demonsmith) and rolled Thzzzz! forcing ALL magicians to test for miscast. That was a thrilling moment with laughts and fear between us! My sorcerer lord was saved by his item that helped him to reroll miscast table otherwise he would be sucked into the warp!

At the end my bsb, the demonsmith and a cuple of dwarfs suffered a wound and my Sorcerer lord 2 (!) wounds.

One of his magicians was gone and the other was reduced to level 0! :hat off