[Archive] 2500 points close combat Chaos Dwarf army list


Hi, my brother have written this list as a proposal for me to use at the next tournament that allows Chaos Dwarfs. The lone Hobgoblin Khans are there to irritate the enemy by hunting warmachines and characters, and doing other meek tasks which single characters are wont to do. The BSB Castellan will begin the games in the Infernal Guard unit and may stay with it to bolster the main horde, or he may jump out of it at leisure and glue an enemy unit of choice stuck thanks to his stubborn rule and durability.

What do you think of this army list? Is it cheesy, bad, or may it be oddball yet balanced? Your thoughts, please, folks.

Lore of Hashut Sorcerer-Prophet (265), lvl.4 Wizard (35), Blood of Hashut (20), Black Hammer of Hashut (35), Enchanted Shield (5), Dawnstone (25), Dispel Scroll (25), Ironcurse Icon (5).
Total: 415pts.

Lore of Death Daemonsmith Sorcerer (95), lvl.2 Wizard (35), Chalice of Blood and Darkness (50).
Infernal Castellan (105), BSB (25), shield (2), Dawnstone (25), Arabyan Carpet (50).
Hobgoblin Khan (40), light armour (2), shield (2), Giant Wolf (12).
Hobgoblin Khan (40), light armour (2), Giant Wolf (12), Charmed Shield (5).
Total: 502pts.

Core Units:
40 Infernal Guard (480), great weapons (120), FC (32), Banner of Swiftness (15).
40 Hobgoblin Cutthroats (160), shields (20), Musician (4).
Total: 831pts.

Special Units:
3 Bull Centaur Renders (120), shields (15), great weapons (30), Musician (5), Standard Bearer (10), Standard of Discipline (15).
4 K’daii Fireborn (220), Manburner (10).
Total: 425pts.

Rare Units:
K’daii Destroyer (325).
Total: 325pts.

Total: 2498pts.


the problem with arabyan carpet is that you cannot join units, so your bsb will not be able to join the IG. Also i do not think his set up is very good. He has a 3+ armour save rerollable (your brother has selected dawnstone twice btw, you can select a magic item only once per army) and thats it. any unit with s5 or more (and there are lots of them) will kill him. I would suggest dropping the carpet and give him a 2+ward with magic resistance.

the fireborn are too few to survive. remember they have t4 so they will burn themselves quickly and if the opponent has shooting, even faster. if you want to include them though i suggest units of 8+

perhaps an iron demon and/or taururk would be a good idea?

im not really into cc heavy lists with CD to be honest, but i hope i helped out a bit.


I think i would have dropped magic weapon on your lord since he would have to choose between his standard magic weapon and this one. I would allso remove dispel scroll from him and put on a 4+ ward instead. Go with a lvl 1 death wizard and snipe characters and put scroll on him. It’s allso true like Samanos says that you cannot join units if you have the carpet, so i’d loose it along with dawnstone and put on the mask of the furnace. If you want reroll-able save you can put on luckstone as well. As for your special units i think they are too small. Maybe drop the Fireborn and double the BC unit. If you do all of this, then i think you can get enough points to add a BC hero in that unit as well if you drop a Khan :wink: The BC hero needs to start within his unit, but that doesn’t mean he have to stay there :wink: Put on a blackshard armour, dragonhelm and greatsword. Maybe the other tricksters shard as well and watch him destroy characters, stuff with flaming attacks and warmachines. With T5 4W and 1+ armour save only cannons should be able to kill him, but you have a unit to transport him safely :smiley:


As stated above you have two dawnstones. you castellan on carpet would be better off using his stubborn in a infernal guard unit. You have khans for redirecting so he’s a bit of a waste.

I would equip your hobgoblins with additional hand weapons. Makes them plenty better! Or keep the shields but have bows too. Also adding in a khan on foot with either the shrieking blade or terrifying mask of eee can turn the unit nasty when it’s in range of the bsb.

Your bull centaurs have great weapons and shields, which probably isn’t worth it to be honest.

And as above again, kdaii in less than 6 may not survive long enough to do what you need.

At this points level I would have:

Prophet with chalice

Castellan bsb with mask of furnace


Khan on foot if enough points

29 Infernal guard horde with flaming/razor banner

39 Hobgoblin horde

3/5 bull centaurs great weaps

6/8 kdaii


Wolf raiders for flanking


Thanks for the advice and pointed-out errors, folks. I’ll look into it, but the Special unit section’s numbers will probably stay as it is because of limited available models :slight_smile: